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Price optimization based on occupancy

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • set a discount or increase depending on the occupancy and where these settings apply.

To start the configuration, go to the OFFER > Price optimization based on occupancy tab.

This module affects prices only in Booking Engine. Discounts and increases from occupancy are not transferred to OTA integrated by Channel Manager.

General settings for the entire offer

In this section, you can set up discounts depending on whether the entire offer is occupie (i.e. all rooms added to IdoBooking are taken into account)

You can determine the occupancy level of the property for the discount / increase and whether the rule has a time limit. This module is not tied to rate plans, so you can set up independent discount and upside rules.

When should you use occupancy rates? For example:

  • increase for big event, during which there may be a problem with booking accommodation,
  • permanent discount with low occupancy and an increase with high occupancy of the property.

The number of discounts / increases is unlimited.

Detailed settings for rooms with multiple units

In this section you can set discounts depending on the occupancy of a specific room. These settings will be useful if you group your listing by room category or standard, creating a multiple-unit room.

You can apply detailed settings, e.g. if you want to promote a specific room or for rooms/apartments in high demand.

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