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Airbnb Opportunities Centre

The Airbnb Opportunity Centre is the place to find setting tips to improve the display of your property on the portal. Higher ranking is an opportunity for more bookings. The tips are individual for each property and are generated after automatically analysing the performance of a flat or room compared to others in the same category. The generated tips are available directly in the IdoBooking panel.

To access the Opportunity Centre, go to Channel Manager-> Airbnb -> Details and then Operations -> Opportunity Centre.

Opportunities Center

Here you will find a sorted list of suggestions for general settings in Airbnb, as well as for individual properties. You decide for yourself whether you want to implement them or not. Suggestions with an "I'm taking action" button direct you to the appropriate place on the Airbnb extranet. There you can enter the suggested action.

I take the action - Opportunities Center Airbnb

On the other hand, items with an "apply changes" button introduce them immediately without having to enter the Airbnb panel.

There is also a similar possibility centre