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Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Marketing Consent

In this article you will learn how to:

  • use an automatically generated policy and customize it to fit your needs,
  • use the automatically generated privacy policy and customize it to your needs,
  • use an automatically generated marketing consent and customize it to your needs.

Guests who make a reservation should have clearly described rules regarding the online ordering process in particular, but also the general rules of the property. There are automatically generated terms and conditions in the admin panel, which you should customize properly.

By going to Offer -> Regulations, Policies and Consents you will find:

If you haven't had your own terms of service so far then the current default content will be replaced with the new generated automatically' content.

If you have your own terms and conditions or would like to modify our automatically generated content, choose to create own content, then load content from default template and customize it.

Moreover, thanks to Edition History you can preview, restore or compare previous document contents to each other.