How to get it started? Test us in action!

You can use the free DEMO or order your own system with a trial period:


Free access, no obligation
7-day trial(with option to extend access)
without full access to Channel Manager
check how IdoBooking with sample content looks like

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from 35 EUR/GBP/USD per year
30-day trial period (with refund guarantee)
full access to Channel Manager
save your set-up and test all connections via Channel Manager

DEMO of your booking system without Channel Manager

When to choose the DEMO version?

Choose this option if you want to see what the IdoBooking with sample content looks like. You don't have to waste time setting up the system. We will automatically and securely erase all data after your testing is complete. The demo is available free of charge for 7 days. There is a possibility of extending this period on your own.

DEMO does not incur any costs or obligations to order the reservation system.

When to order the full version of the system right away?

Choose this option if you want to immediately save the configuration of your property and test the connection with Channel Manager. To get started, we offer a 30-day trial period. During this time, you will not incur any reservation fees, and you can test any number of Channel Manager integrations. If you resign during the trial period, we guarantee a refund of the subscription fee charged upon activation. If you stay with us, all your settings from the trial period will be retained.
Full version of the booking system

Frequently askedquestions
It isn’t possible to test the Channel Manager on a DEMO account, because the activation of each connection involves overwriting your current availability and price settings in a given service (e.g., Expedia, Airbnb). Due to the limited time of demo availability and automatic reset of settings, this operation is not recommended. It may result in publishing wrong, test settings or limiting the visibility of your properties after demo is deleted.
According to the legal requirements, we have to register who is using a particular demo at a given time, because you get access to nearly all feature of our property management system, including connecting your domain to an IdoSell website. If you have not yet registered on our website, do so now. Registered users get access to our knowledge base, where you can find a lot of expert knowledge and learn how to quickly and effectively run an online booking system.