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IdoBooking is a fast growing and constantly developing service. We want you to know all about our new functions and be able to implement them as soon as possible. Thanks to it your business expands with us. Read our blog and be always up to date.

Blog - IdoBooking online reservation system

IdoBooking integration with Agoda is now available. Get new guests!

Thanks to IdoBooking's integration with Agoda you can reach new guests and fill your calendar with bookings. The service has as many as 9 million regular users and 2 million page views every day. Check out the benefits of the new IdoBooking connection and use its potential!

Is it worth it to use individual offers for guests?

Technology is evolving into every corner of our lives. On a daily basis, we use the benefits of modern tools to get what we want faster. The Internet provides us with all the necessary information, we instantly evaluate, compare prices and make purchases without any contact with the seller. Is it the same when it comes to booking accommodation?

IdoBooking integration with TTLock. Manage electronic locks via IdoBooking panel

TTLock electronic application locks are currently one of the most popular solutions for short-term flats. It's a great solution for people (or institutions) who value a high level of security combined with comfort of use and easy operation. Thanks to the integration with IdoBooking you'll be able to automate the whole process and manage your locks directly from the panel. Learn more about the IdoBooking integration with TTLock and see the benefits it has for your business.

Add multiple accommodations and locations simultaneously. Easily import data from a CSV file into IdoBooking

We have introduced a new, convenient way to add accommodations in the IdoBooking panel via CSV file. Download a template in CSV format, complete it in a spreadsheet and send the completed file to IdoBooking. New accommodations and their locations will be created based on it. Then, you'll be able to add photos and missing information directly in IdoBooking. The importer will allow you to prepare a new offer for your guests even faster.

Great success of IdoBooking. We became the preferred partner of Airbnb!

We are proud to announce the great success of IdoBooking. We received the status of an Airbnb Preferred Partner, and thus made it to the list of Top 25 software in the world that provides property management services. IdoBooking is the only company in Poland that is distinguished among the best systems in the world.

Q&A service available for all users. Gain knowledge without logging in

Our Q&A IdoSell and Q&A IdoBooking service, which has been serving as a place for discussion and information exchange for a year, has just been made public for all users. This means that you don't have to be logged in to deepen your knowledge of your business or find answers to questions that interest you.

How did we travel in 2021? Check out the recap from IdoBooking

In 2021 the pandemic has unfortunately still not left us, but in tourism this year can be described as a tourism thaw. Not only did hosts have to adjust to the new normal, but they also had to make up for the losses of 2020. How does 2021 look in numbers? How has the short-term rental market changed? You will find out in the article below.

How do I improve my listing? Check out tips from Airbnb and attract new guests

The winter holiday season is underway and you don't have a full calendar? Find out how you can improve your situation and what you should keep in mind when creating and publishing your offers. Good photos or developing your offer with additional amenities can be crucial. We recommend tips from IdoBooking partner Airbnb.

Settle booking deposits easily and quickly. Improvements in IdoBooking panel

Booking payments have never been so easy. Now you can quickly and intuitively mark completed payments in the panel. Additionally, you can send payment requests via Booking Engine, which supports BLIK and Pay-By-Link quick transfers, among others. You can also allow your guests to pay via Booking Engine, directly from their device.

New reservation service from Always a consistent price for your bookings

Learn about the latest changes to booking support from that will make managing your apartments easier. From now on, you'll see the exact same booking price in IdoBooking as you would in (until now, if you set the extras incorrectly in the integration, the price from could differ from the one in IdoBooking). Another change is related to city tax. Now you can easily set the tax to be automatically added to your booking and mark it as payable on the spot. Start taking advantage of all the new improvements today.

Travel trends in 2022. How will we travel? Check what will change

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected and continues to affect the travel industry. Constantly changing restrictions, new sanitation rules, changing travel destinations - these are just some of the situations that have arisen over the years. What will travel look like in 2022? Check out the breakdown of the eight most important travel trends in 2022.

Streamlined city tax settlement. Use export of information to Travelhost

Travelhost is an electronic system for handling local fees. It automates processes related to collecting and settling local and spa fees, both on the part of a town or commune office and the accommodation facility representative (collector). Thanks to the automatic data exchange (collector - office), the tool allows to save time of the office employees and efficient contact with the collectors. From now on in IdoBooking you can generate a dedicated export of city tax information, for use in the Travelhost system.

Schedule cleaning and assign tasks to specific people. Work more easily with cleaning contractors

Right now you can start scheduling the cleaning by assigning a specific person to clean the object, adding tasks to be done along with photos. You will be able to inform the employee about the scheduled cleaning along with the set tasks using a new message template. All in a few clicks. In addition, you can delegate the scheduling of cleaning to any employee, and the employees themselves can communicate through comments to the scheduled tasks.