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As part of the IdoBooking Changelog, we report on news, updates and changes to the IdoBooking system. Invariably, we publish design news and information about the release of new features in separate posts. The following issue of Changelog presents the range of recent changes

IdoBooking sixth year in a row among's top partners!
2024-04-25 has partnerships with more than 600 Channel Manager and PMS providers around the world, and only a few - less than 15% - develop the highest level of partnership. IdoBooking is among them! Read why you should bet on the Premier Partner of the largest OTA when choosing a system to handle your accommodation bookings.

IdoBooking Terms and Conditions update

Maintaining the rules contained in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions for introducing new terms, we present the changes to the IdoBooking Terms and Conditions.


As part of the IdoBooking Changelog, we inform you about minor releases, updates, and changes in the IdoBooking system. Consistently, in separate blog entries, we publish project news and information about the release of major features. The following Changelog edition presents the scope of changes in the last quarter.

Manage additional features of your offer on directly from your IdoBooking panel

From now on, you can conveniently manage even more data on directly from your IdoBooking panel. We have added more options to configure your key data on and embedded them directly in our panel. This way, you don't have to switch between your flats' accounts to change settings: stay rules, key collection, deposits, your company profile or rental licences.

New IdoBooking integration with PayPal

PayPal is one of the most recognized payment gateways with a global reach, making it an ideal tool for accommodations and apartment managers welcoming guests from all over the world. With IdoBooking's new streamlined integration with PayPal, you can make this payment method available on the Booking Engine on your website in a few simple steps.

New API capabilities of IdoBooking - automate stay condition management by controlling restrictions, sales availability, and prices in your own integrations.

Here are the new features in the IdoBooking API that open up exciting opportunities for developers to fully integrate with Revenue Management systems. Now, you have complete control over stay restrictions and sales availability through the API interface. What's more, the latest update allows for more flexible price management, enabling you to override modifications without the need to delete the original exceptions. Our documentation has also been expanded to support key offer parameters such as accommodation size and detailed location information. This allows you to better tailor your integrations with external applications

How to increase bookings on with prices for a selected country?

Tourists have already forgotten about the pandemic, making international travel popular again. According to, as many as 70% of first high season lodging searches are for international travel. Learn what to do to get more bookings from foreigners, and how these settings work in conjunction with IdoBooking's channel manager.

How to increase bookings with mobile rates discount?

On, nearly 59% of bookings are made from mobile devices. Offering a special price to travelers who choose to search for accommodations via cell phone or tablet increases the click-through rate in search results - by as much as 3% on average. Learn more about's mobile device discount and how to integrate this data in conjunction with IdoBooking's channel manager.