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Blog - IdoBooking online reservation system (March 2017)

Modern and fully-responsive website templates with a brand new page layout

At first, IdoSell Booking was all about providing a Booking Engine which could be easily embedded on any website. But later on, it turned out to be not enough for our clients – that's why we decided to add to our package a free website, fully integrated with the IdoSell booking system. Throughout the next couple of years, we'd been improving our CMS (content management system), making the website compatible with Social Media and SEO trends. First, we didn’t intend to create personalized projects, leaving it to already existing web design agencies. But the year 2016 presented itself as a real turning point in that respect - after being convinced by our customers, we decided to follow the steps of IdoSell Shop (our first product with an older track record) and start creating individual, beautiful hotel websites, just like we’ve been doing for years with online stores. The first big step in this direction is the release of our brand new templates – the free themes which came to replace the old ones. With this project, we want to fully use the potential of our CMS and features available in the booking system, enhancing them with the latest technologies applied in the web design.