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Blog - IdoBooking online reservation system (December 2021)

Schedule cleaning and assign tasks to specific people. Work more easily with cleaning contractors

Right now you can start scheduling the cleaning by assigning a specific person to clean the object, adding tasks to be done along with photos. You will be able to inform the employee about the scheduled cleaning along with the set tasks using a new message template. All in a few clicks. In addition, you can delegate the scheduling of cleaning to any employee, and the employees themselves can communicate through comments to the scheduled tasks.

We've expanded the marketing analytics in IdoBooking. Check which offers bring you the most profit

From now on you can use the additional analysis of average room sales by offer. Find out which offers are most popular with your guests and bring you the most profit. On the basis of detailed information from any sales period, you'll be able to make your offer more attractive for your guests. IdoBooking's entire marketing analytics module has been updated with improved data filtering, new charts and data exports to spreadsheets.

Automatic integration with Airbnb. Export your listings directly from IdoBooking

We recently reported on the introduction of ((blog/automate-integration-with-booking-com-export-listings-or-export-accounts-directly-from-idobooking-1235327522| Exporter in integration)). Now you can also export your listings to existing Airbnb accounts in a few simple steps. Everything happens directly from your IdoBooking dashboard. With this change, you'll save time by not having to enter the same information in two places. Check out the latest changes to IdoBooking

Easily transfer data to Export offers directly from your IdoBooking

Want to start integrating with and don't have an account? Or maybe you want to add a new accommodation to your account that you've already created in your IdoBooking panel? Now you can create new accounts and properties on and export the offer directly from IdoBooking! This will save you time and you won't have to enter the same information in two places.