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Easily transfer data to Export offers directly from your IdoBooking

Want to start integrating with and don't have an account? Or maybe you want to add a new accommodation to your account that you've already created in your IdoBooking panel? Now you can create new accounts and properties on and export the offer directly from IdoBooking! This will save you time and you won't have to enter the same information in two places.

Don't have an account with yet? is one of the world's largest accommodation portals. It is owned by Booking Holdings Inc. - a world leader in the online travel industry. The portal has almost 30 million offers, including more than 6.6 million offers of houses and apartments. offers exceptional deals in over 155,000 locations, in 226 countries. is headquartered in Amsterdam. has 198 international offices that operate in 70 countries.

Right now, with the new IdoBooking tool, you'll be able to create an account on, then transfer your offer to the service (based on your settings in the IdoBooking panel) and share it directly on All in just a few clicks.

Do you have an account with Export new properties with IdoBooking!

If you already have an account with, you'll be able to create new properties within that account. You don't have to prepare the offer twice - separately in IdoBooking and Just configure your offer in IdoBooking and you'll be able to publish it directly on - automatically creating an integration with exported properties.

What will you gain thanks to automatic integration with the Exporter?

  • create a account (if you do not have one)
  • transfer of accommodation based on its location from IdoBooking to
  • transfer of rate plans, prices and restrictions from IdoBooking to
  • basic configuration of new objects in
  • automatic creation of integration with the service and possibility of publishing the offer in

Learn more about integration with

If you do not yet see the Exporter when going to the details of the integration, this means that you do not yet have access to this functionality. Don't worry, this will change within a few days and the changes will be available to you as well.

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