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IdoBooking is a fast growing and constantly developing service. We want you to know all about our new functions and be able to implement them as soon as possible. Thanks to it your business expands with us. Read our blog and be always up to date.

Product blog - IdoBooking online reservation system

IdoPay service provider change from IAI to IdoPayments

IdoPay is a payment system available for online stores on the IdoSell platform and for accommodation reservation systems on the IdoBooking platform. For customers of both platforms using IdoPay, the invoicing entity will change.

Suite of improvements to the owner's panel module

The owner's panel is a functionality that allows flat managers serving property owners to work conveniently. It is popular with our customers because of its instant generation of booking summaries and billing. In addition, owners can view the calendar and control availability in their flat. We have made several improvements to the module.

Meals — a new type of extra services with variants for adults and children

Great information for those who have dedicated menus or meal sizes depending on the age of the guests. More often than not, these are simply smaller and also cheaper portions for the little ones. A new type of add-on in IdoBooking allowing the creation of two variants will allow you to refine your offer to accommodate families with children.

Possibility to edit a booking up to 60 days after its completion

After many discussions with our customers to learn about their needs and the way we work, we have decided to change the settings related to the booking card. It is now possible to make adjustments to dates, statuses, amounts and notes in orders up to 60 days after the end of a guest's stay.

IdoBooking Terms and Conditions updated as of 1 October 2022

In keeping with the introduction of new terms and conditions contained in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present in advance the changes to the IdoBooking Terms and Conditions. §4 has been edited, and the update has to do with the processing of business and personal data.

The centre of opportunity from Airbnb - effective tips to improve sales

Airbnb has prepared individual guidelines for each property on what settings are worth applying to improve sales through this portal. What's more, these guidelines can be found directly in the IdoBooking dashboard and from there, changes can be made to the Airbnb extranet with a single click.

IdoBooking Terms & Condtions and Price List update - effective from September 1, 2022

Due to the regulations in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions regarding the rules for introducing new fees, we are presenting, one month in advance, the changes to the IdoBooking Price List and Terms and Conditions. They concern the amount of commission, flat rate, comprehensive configuration service and website implementation packages.

Quick creation of a price list using CSV files

When you have a large accommodation facility with different pricing options, getting everything into the system is a challenge. In order to speed up this process, we have introduced the possibility to import amounts from a CSV file under a specific price plan.

Streamline calendar work by quickly converting blocks into bookings

The day-to-day work with the calendar is related to the ongoing addition of bookings, blockades or offers. Blockades also underpin some of the integrations within Channel Manager. Although availability is blocked once they have been added, they do not provide the opportunity to use many useful tools. With the introduction of a new feature - quickly turning blockades into bookings - this problem will disappear.

Changes to the invoices issuing process for IAI services and the cancellation of accepting overpayments from July 25, 2022

Please be informed that as of July 25, 2022, there will be a change in the invoices issuing process for IAI services. We will stop issuing invoices immediately after payment, which has been the case until now, and instead of such invoices, we will only issue a summary invoice at the end of the month. We will also stop accepting overpayments for subsequent invoices - if they accumulate, they will be refunded after contacting the Support Center.

New tools to improve bookings in the booking engine and on the website

'We have introduced a package of changes for the website and the booking engine. Thanks to them, you can better present your offer and increase sales. The new calendar allows you to filter accommodation individually by amenities and price range. In addition, visitors will receive suggestions for similar offers on the property card.

IdoBooking integration with Agoda is now available. Get new guests!

Thanks to IdoBooking's integration with Agoda you can reach new guests and fill your calendar with bookings. The service has as many as 9 million regular users and 2 million page views every day. Check out the benefits of the new IdoBooking connection and use its potential!

IdoBooking integration with TTLock. Manage electronic locks via IdoBooking panel

TTLock electronic application locks are currently one of the most popular solutions for short-term flats. It's a great solution for people (or institutions) who value a high level of security combined with comfort of use and easy operation. Thanks to the integration with IdoBooking you'll be able to automate the whole process and manage your locks directly from the panel. Learn more about the IdoBooking integration with TTLock and see the benefits it has for your business.