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IdoBooking is a fast growing and constantly developing service. We want you to know all about our new functions and be able to implement them as soon as possible. Thanks to it your business expands with us. Read our blog and be always up to date.

Product blog - IdoBooking online reservation system

Manage properties and settle with owners in a new, convenient way

At IdoBooking, we are constantly looking to improve the booking experience for managers, which is why we respond to your needs. After the last ((blog/dedicated-calendar-for-cleaning-companies-more-capabilities-in-handling-owner-reservations-and-reservation-settlement-reports-1235327486|increasing possibilities of handling reservations owners)), we're introducing more changes, i.e. new ways of billing with owners and possibilities of preparing individual reservation billing reports. The new way is more clear and will make your work much easier. Learn about the details in the article below.

Dedicated calendar for cleaning companies, more capabilities in handling owner reservations and reservation settlement reports

Do you cooperate with people who clean your properties or people who have given the properties to you to manage? We have prepared quite a few new features for you and your partners, with more to come soon. Additionally, we have introduced a number of improvements in the generated booking settlement reports. Use the additional data for analysis and billing according to your needs.

We have introduced new possibilities of bundles settings, refreshed their presentation in Booking Engine and enabled presentation of blog excerpts on your website

From now on, like ((knowledge-base/what-tool-to-use-in-managing-price-and-availability/rate-plans-cancellation-policies-and-prepayments/|rate plans)), you can set the refund, prepayment conditions and cancellation fees in bundles. When manually defining the price in the bundle you can set a rate valid during the week and a separate one at weekends. Additionally, we have introduced a new editor of bundle descriptions and refreshed their presentation in the Booking Engine. Additionally, on your website, you can introduce blog excerpts on your website. Use new tools for even better promotion of your offers.

Important, your reaction required: We have introduced a new Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Active Cookie Consent module in Polish and English. Check why you should and how to use them

In IdoBooking we want your reservation service to be always safe and legal, that's why we provide unprecedented on the market solutions without additional costs. Together with lawyers specializing in the travel industry we've prepared regulations, privacy policy and active consent for cookies in Polish and English that are as concise as possible and adjusted to your business. Interestingly, you do not even have to fill them in with your company data, they will be automatically filled in with your data.

Invoices for IAI services will be sent to email from now and will be much more transparent

We have prepared changes in the billing system, awaited by many IdoSell and IdoBooking clients. Invoices and proforma will be sent to an e-mail address, and not via message as it was before. Moreover, on the invoice itself, we've put a summary of what categories of services make up the invoice, and we've added a detailed list of charges for these services in the CSC.

We increase security of access to the administration panel by introducing additional permissions and changes in user management

We have added new access rights to the "Offers" module (without the ability to edit rate plans) and "Customers" (only in reservation details), so you can assign a user to manage an offer only in specific locations, without key settings affecting the whole offer. From now on, user management is only possible from the Administrator role. In addition, you can define rules for user access to the panel, including access to the API, thereby taking even more care of the security of your data, also in cooperation with external companies.

New possibilities of adding reservations in the IdoBooking panel. Changes, in prices presentation in Booking Engine and in SMS template with directions

From now on, when adding a reservation in the panel, you can choose which rate plan or promotion to apply to the reservation price and whether to add mandatory paid extras assigned to selected accommodations. According to the ((blog/new-version-of-booking-engine-reservations-made-in-a-separate-tab-with-a-new-visual-appearance-and-new-possibilities-1235327311| announcement)), we have also changed the price presentation in the first step of making a booking in the Booking Engine (Widget) to include the prices of extras and mandatory paid extras. In addition, the SMS directions template now includes a link redirecting guests to the full directions.

Registration of guests - automatically generated registration cards

From now on you can use automatically generated registration cards based on reservations to check in guests. You can customize the registration card template to suit your needs and thus create a document confirming the contract for the provision of hotel services at your properties.

IAI Sp. z o.o. transformed into IAI SA

IAI limited liability company with headquarters in Szczecin on the day of ... march 2021 transformed into IAI joint stock company with headquarters in Szczecin.