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New personalized messages after the Guest's departure with the ability to define the dispatch time

We are pleased to inform you about the new features in Message Templates sent to Bookers. A new template has been added, sent automatically at a selected moment after the booking ends.


What was it like before?

Previously, the templates only automated messages before the Booker's arrival. Based on feedback from users, we knew there was a lack of a simple tool for automating communication after guest checkout. We decided to change that!

What has changed?

  • Now, you can send an automatic message after Guests' departure
  • This template allows you to define the timing of the message according to your preferences
  • Templates have a very simple interface with a message preview and variables for use, allowing you to quickly add a message with any content
  • Messages have different language versions, which allows sending content tailored to the nationality of the Guests

Why is this important?

Sending messages after departure is an excellent tool for building brand awareness and directing customers to direct bookings through your property's website and Booking Engine. In the message, you can include, among others:

  • a 'thank you' note
  • a discount code for the next booking
  • information about promotions and unique stay packages on your website
  • a request to leave a review on Google Business Profile
  • a link to book next stay through your online booking engine

How to configure the message?

Go to ADMINISTRATION > Templates of sent messages (To the customer). In the list of messages sent to 3 sources — Widget, Panel, and Channel Manager — you will find a new item Mail with message after reservation end. When editing the message, you can:

  • determine the date of the message — on the day of departure, the day after departure, or "x" days after departure

*set an hour after which the message will be sent (e.g., in the afternoon after checkout)

  • enable the selected type of message - email and/or SMS
  • and add translations in active language versions

What else will change?

Responding to your suggestions, the feature of determining the time of sending the message will also appear in the message with the check in instructions and the access code to the property. In addition to full automation, the arrival instructions template will also gain the possibility of dispatch on demand — so that it can be sent again if needed.

Thank you for your continuous feedback, which helps us improve IdoBooking. We hope that these changes will further streamline your work and booking management.

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