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Blog - IdoBooking online reservation system (March 2023)

Possibility to cancel or shorten a reservation sent by an external service in the IdoBooking panel

Until now, the manual cancellation or shortening of a booking that was uploaded to the panel via external services such as, Airbnb, Accommodation or Expedia, among others, could be done in exceptional cases by our Support department. From now on - at your own risk - you can cancel or shorten a booking yourself, thus releasing its availability on the portal, but not changing the status of the order placed there.

Use of manipulative dark pattern techniques monitored by European Commission. How to build a website to increase booking sales legally?

The European Commission, together with the UOKiK (and other national authorities from the EU), has scrutinised online shops and booking sites for using messages and graphics in their interface that are designed to induce consumers to make a particular decision that is not necessarily in their best interests. Dark patterns can contribute to increased sales, but also loss of customer trust and penalties. How do you find the golden mean between an effective site that increases bookings and the guest's well-being?