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Blog - IdoBooking online reservation system (November 2018)

Now, you can integrate your offer with trivago via IdoSell Channel Manager!

Trivago is one of the largest hotel search engines where you can compare hotel prices across various channels to find the best deals among 2 million accommodation offers. The service, with its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, offers a range of marketing tools and services that can help you grow and improve the competitiveness of your offer and reach a wider audience. This is yet another, interesting proposition for all those who want to increase the number of direct bookings and occupancy level.

Swiftly create personalized offers with our brand-new module

Until now, there was no easy way to send a booking offer to your customers without creating a reservation in our admin panel. Until the payment from the customer was received, all items included in the reservation were blocked for sale in all channels. This is why we decided to develop a special tool to combine both needs - we present a new module which allows you to send clients personalized offers in two modes - with and without guaranteed availability.