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Swiftly create personalized offers with our brand-new module

Until now, there was no easy way to send a booking offer to your customers without creating a reservation in our admin panel. Until the payment was received, all items included in the reservation were blocked from sale in all channels. This is why we decided to develop a special tool to combine both needs - we present a new module which allows you to send clients personalized offers in two modes - with and without guaranteed availability.

Offers can be used in sending individual booking proposals to clients who inquire about the availability of your services. They can also be used to create several booking propositions in various dates and including different elements of your offer. For example, when you get a phone call from a client who is really interested in a guaranteed availability, you should opt for an offer which closes the sales in all channels. Of course, you can still use traditional reservations in direct sales if you're sure that the client won't cancel the booking.

We have prepared 2 types of offers that will support sales in your property.

Offers without guaranteed availability are a good way to prepare several booking propositions for the same client. Sending this kind of offer to customers does not block you from selling in other channels. No guarantee of availability means that this offer will become unavailable when somebody else books the units sooner.

Offers with guaranteed availability are particularly recommended when you want to present a booking proposal in a relatively short time to a potential customer. Because the proposed unit will be unavailable until the client decides to book, you may want to set a short period of validity with this type of offers.

We used to same interface as in the case of adding reservations. The offer can be straight away sent to clients. If it still needs to be refined, e.g. by adding extras or discounts, you can decide to send the e-mail later on, from the offer card. The offer tab also has the history of reservations made by the client to help you decide whether to grant a discount or modify the price.

For each type of offer, we prepared customized e-mail and SMS templates which you can freely adjust to your needs. In these emails, clients are notified about the offer, presented with terms and given the possibility of making a direct payment.

Thanks to the new offers module, you have gained more options for handling panel reservations. We encourage you to get familiar with this feature!