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We have created an API and mechanisms to easily connect any electronic lock made by any company

Recently, we developed our first connection with the electronic lock system made by SmartPorter. If you were wondering if it's possible to integrate with other electronic systems, we have good news for you. We created an open API to allow connecting with any provider and generating access codes for your guests via IdoSell Booking.

Manage your electronic locks

We give you two brand-new options for managing electronic locks:

  • via the IdoSell Booking admin panel,
  • or via the API.

In addition, you can choose how to create the access codes. There are two modes:

  • generating the code manually in the IdoSell Booking or API admin panel,
  • generating the code automatically to every reservation via IdoSell.

Learn more about using electronic locks

IdoSell Booking API dedicated for electronic locks

To allow effective electronic lock codes management, especially for developers, we have added a new gateway to our API: Locks. You can now use the following methods:

  • add - to add lock codes
  • delete - to delete the lock opening codes
  • edit - to edit/change the lock opening codes
  • get - to retrieve information about the lock opening code
  • getChangelog - to retrieve information about changes concerning an electronic lock in a given room

Go to the API documentation

If you have any questions regarding integration, please contact our Sales and Support Department at IdoSell Booking.