Integration with electronic locks

Owners of apartments located at a distance from each other do not have a traditional reception desk, which could check in, check out or issue keys to guests. That's why they are increasingly opting for electronic locks, because the guest is able to manage on his own by entering the code to open the lock. There are a number of advantages to this innovative solution, such as saving time, money and security, because you don't have to worry about someone making up the keys. The opening code can be added, edited or deleted at any time.

What do you gain?

  • A more attractive offer on the market
  • Greater security in the form of no keys - no one will lose or make copies of the keys
  • Saves time and money - you do not need a reception desk or to hand over keys
  • Automatic generation of lock opening codes
  • Automatic sending of e-mails and SMS text messages with the codes for opening the locks
  • Constant control over the managed facility

SetPin Integration

SetPin deals with commercial building automation. The company implements an innovative system of electronic locks, along with full web-based management capabilities. The automatically created lock opening codes used by guests are proving to be a great fit for the growing pool of satisfied customers.

RentingLock Integration

RentingLock is an electronic door lock that enables remote rental management and keyless access to a building. A technological partner of RentingLock is LOB S.A. company - the oldest producer of building fittings in Poland.

PINMaster Integration

PINMaster is an easy-to-use, reliable, secure and functional access control system. It consists of code locks and a service platform that manages, among other things, the distribution of PIN codes according to user-defined access rules.

TTLock integration

TTLock electronic application locks are currently one of the most popular solutions for short-term apartments. It's a great solution for people (or institutions) who value a high level of security combined with comfort of use and easy operation. Thanks to the integration with IdoBooking you'll be able to automate the whole process and manage your locks directly from the panel. Learn more about the IdoBooking integration with TTLock and see the benefits it has for your business.

Integration via API or manual code entry

If you use yet another electronic lock system, you can ask your supplier to integrate with the API or use the option of manual entry of opening codes.
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