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Collect payments from Guests even after the reservation has ended. Check out the new possibilities with IdoBooking!

We are pleased to inform you about the new features in payment handling for reservations. A new option to collect any additional payments for reservations has been introduced, even after their completion.


How was it before?

  • Previously, payments for reservations via IdoBooking could only be collected before the reservation ended
  • Sending a request for payment was strictly linked to the reservation settlement balance

What has changed?

  • From now on, you can send a request for an additional payment of any amount for each reservation
  • You can do this up to 14 days after the reservation has ended
  • You can add a short note to each additional payment so that the Booker knows exactly what and which settlements are being referred to

Why is this important?

  • Payment for additional services can be settled without the need for physical contact (e.g., helping to organize a transfer to the airport after check-out)
  • Every payment collected through your official Booking Engine means greater Guest awareness of direct booking methods and the opportunity to explore other offers in your online booking engine
  • If damages are discovered after the reservation ends, you can intervene—contact the Booker to explain the situation and send them a link to settle the fees
  • By conveying a short message about the reason for the settlements, you will avoid ambiguity

How to configure this option?

You do not need to perform any additional actions to take advantage of the new form of additional payment for reservations. You only need the Guest's details, to which we will send a message with a payment link in your Booking Engine. Online payments can be collected via PayPal, and the message templates and payment path in the Booking Engine have been adjusted by us for this scenario.

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