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We're expanding the reporting capabilities of IdoBooking - discover the new, dedicated payment registry

We are pleased to inform you about the new functionalities in the reports module! A dedicated Payment Report has appeared, which allows for quick generation of cash reports for a selected period, checking payments and returns accepted by employees, and issuing appropriate sales documents depending on the payment deadline.


What has changed?

A new item has appeared in the Marketing tab — Payment Report. The report enables:

*displaying payments from a selected period
*saving date filters to quickly verify payments with the preferred deadline
*distinguishing the type of payments — prepayment, payment, return
*verifying and issuing invoices from the report (especially useful in conjunction with integration with
*monitoring payments and returns booked by employees
*summing up payments in selected currencies, payment methods
*monitoring the balance of payments and returns

Why is this important?

Payment verification was partially possible in the Reservation Settlement Report. However, due to very high demand and frequency of use of reports (e.g., cash reports), we decided to implement a dedicated registry. This aims to reduce the number of clicks and equip the report with additional, necessary functions.

Explore the possibilities of the report

What's next?

Soon, the new payment register will also be supplemented with email and SMS messages informing users of new payments.

This feature also came about thanks to you! We appreciate your continuous feedback, which helps us improve IdoBooking. We hope that these changes will further streamline your work and reservation management.

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