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Schedule cleaning and assign tasks to specific people. Work more easily with cleaning contractors

Right now you can start scheduling the cleaning by assigning a specific person to clean the object, adding tasks to be done along with photos. You will be able to inform the employee about the scheduled cleaning along with the set tasks using a new message template. All in a few clicks. In addition, you can delegate the scheduling of cleaning to any employee, and the employees themselves can communicate through comments to the scheduled tasks.

Select properties where you manually schedule cleaning

Until now, users with the cleaning company role have seen all the bookings from the locations they had access to. Now, under Bookings / Cleaning / Scheduling Cleaning, you can select which properties you will schedule cleaning at by selecting the person who will be assigned to prepare the accommodation for a specific booking.

plan cleaning

Plan your cleaning through the booking calendar

From the booking calendar you will gain the ability to assign a specific person to a reservation, along with the ability to add tasks and photos.

For the admin role, to enter the cleaning scheduling mode, click on the Cleaning icon


By clicking on any booking, you will gain new options:

  • choose a person to clean.
  • set tasks to be done
  • possibility of sending notification (email, sms) to the assigned person


With a dedicated Schedule Cleaning permission you can have any user - employee or cleaning company - schedule cleaning. You decide in which locations, for which objects and who should be responsible for scheduling the cleaning.

Work of person assigned to cleaning

There is a new template for messages sent to staff - Notification of assigned cleaner with task list. With it you will be able to notify the cleaner of the assigned reservation, task list with attached photos. Notification will be sent via email and SMS.

In addition to the notification, a person with the role of cleaning company can see in his calendar reservations assigned to him. In addition, when there are tasks within a reservation, they are specially marked graphically:


The cleaner can simply mark the tasks as completed. He/she can also add a comment from himself/herself, and add an additional picture, by editing the task:

edit task

All your employees that have the cleaning scheduler permission can see and add comments to the tasks, this gives you an additional tool to schedule work and manage the preparation of your facilities for guests.

Learn more about the cleaning module

If you don't see the scheduled cleaning option when you go to the Housekeeping module, it means you don't have access to the new functionality yet. Don't worry, this will change in a few days and the changes will be available to you as well.

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