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How to connecct IdoBooking with

Operations to be carried out before starting the integration

To be able to present your offer on the, you must have your property registered in it. If you do not have it done yet, please contact eTravel on the matter (

Important: Before connecting the object in IdoBooking, please inform eTravel ( about the integration with IdoBooking. Based on integration information, eTravel will reset prices and availability on its side. They will be automatically updated when the integration starts.

Only after an eTravel employee confirms that the above operations have been carried out will it be possible to connect the facility in IdoBooking.

Connecting new property

On the Channel Manager page (main menu item), select from the eTravel list and go to Details.
Then, on the open eTravel integration page, click Connect new property and fill in the fields in the form.

Integration with

Set Enable object integration to yes and then fill in the other fields on the form. Login details should be the same as those used to login at

If you have an annex signed with eTravel regarding the activation of an additional form of payment on site at the hotel, then set the option ''Do you have an active "Guaranteed card tariff" on "yes" in eTravel.

After connecting the object, click the row of the object in the Operations column, position Edit mapping. Then in the Map of accommodation you will find a list of all your accommodation downloaded from the CSRO administration panel. In the Configuration of price plans section you will find a list of all your tariffs (price plans).

Connect new property

Property mapping

In this section you should link the accommodation defined in the panel with the accommodation in IdoBooking.

Accomodation mapping

If the accommodation in the CSRO had a meal defined then the mapping window, select the corresponding meal from the list. If you do not yet have a meal type supplement defined in IdoBooking, you will learn how to do it on the website Guide.

property mapping

Rate plans configuration

In the rate plans configuration section, you will combine price tariffs from the CRSO panel with the corresponding price plans in IdoBooking and mark which accommodation places are associated with them.

After setting up the rate plans configuration:

  • automatically, once the reservations made for the given places on the website will be downloaded.
  • prices and availability will be transferred to CSRO from IdoBooking
  • in the property mapping section the entry None will be changed to Active.

If you wish to enter individual prices on selected dates, which are only visible on the website, you can enter them on the website OFFER/ Price calendar.

If you want to apply the prices from the plan but modified in the whole plan with a fixed difference to the base prices from the plan, you can use the option Apply fixed difference in prices sent to the service, which you set on the integration page available from the submenu under the link Price configuration at'.