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Flexible currency set-up

In this article you will learn how to:

  • set the base currency for the panel,
  • set up currency conversion rates,
  • change the currency in the reservation.

To start the configuration, go to ADMINISTRATION > Currency setup in your admin panel.

Why should you handle bookings in multiple currencies?

Foreign guests can pay for a reservation using PayPal, payment cards or traditional bank transfers. You can check all available payment methods in ADMINISTRATION > Payment configuration.

How are currencies converted?

Go to ADMINISTRATION > Currency setup and select the base currency, according to which the other currencies will be converted.

The rate setting mode can be automatic (updated daily and converted based on the NBP or ECB rate) or manual, set according to the rate you specify.

How do I change the currency in a reservation?

You can convert currency in all reservations, except for those made in services integrated via Channel Manager.

You can change the reservation currency until the first payment is added and accepted.