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Registration form in Booking Engine

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • manage the data required in the registration form in Widget.

To start the configuration, go to the tab ADMINISTRATION > Registration form configuration.

What are the field visibility options in the form?

  • Yes - the field is obligatory. Failure to provide data will make it impossible to make a reservation or set up an account.
  • No (show form field) - guests may or may not complete a given field.
  • Hide the form field - the field will become invisible to guests making bookings.

(#2|++ What registration form settings can you control?))

The fields always required to make a reservation are first name, last name and e-mail address. You can decide on the requirement of other data yourself:

  • Allow you to create an account wile making a reservation in the Booking Engine - guests can create an account in the Widget and use the saved data for subsequent reservations. Alternatively, you can limit reservations in the Widget only for customers who already have an account.
  • Allow reservation without registration - after entering all required data, the customer can complete the booking without physically creating a customer account.
  • Show guest details on the registration card - this option will allow your clients to provide separate data for the booker and the guest who checks in at the property.
  • Require VAT no. for companies - providing tax identification number is necessary when the customer places a reservation for a company.
  • Require a phone number from the booker- apart from obtaining a contact number, this data will also allow you sending automatic SMS notifications to your client.
  • Require a phone number from the guest
  • Require an address from the booker
  • Require an address from the guest
  • Show the newsletter subscription field - you can't send newsletter directly via IdoBooking. However, in order for the client to receive it at all, their consent is required. A guest database is automatically created in the panel, so you immediately know to whom you can send the latest news from your property. Remember that you can export the entire customer base.

When booking, customers have the option of creating an account in the system, booking without registration, but also using existing accounts - Facebook, Google and PayPal. The use of existing accounts is extremely convenient, because some fields are automatically completed, and there will be no problem with remembering subsequent logins and passwords.