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How to connect with Airbnb via IdoBooking?

In this article you will learn how to:

*connect existing Airbnb accounts and offers with IdoBooking,
*create an offer from scratch and synchronize calendars.

To start configuration, go to the CHANEL MANAGER > Airbnb tab in your IdoBooking panel.

Choose your integration method


  • Linking an existing account and Airbnb listings

If you are already hosting on Airbnb, you can transfer your listings from the site using the IdoBooking Importer or manually merge your listing if you have it created in both Airbnb and the IdoBooking dashboard. The merge will not affect your existing reviews or search history you've developed so far on Airbnb.

  • You are a new host and don't have any listing on Airbnb yet

To sync Airbnb via IdoBooking Channel Manager, you need to set up an account on Airbnb first:

Step 1. Create an account on Airbnb
Go to Airbnb, select the "Sign up"and go through the account creation process. More information about account settings can be found here.

Step 2. Use the IdoBooking Exporter
If you have a listing set up in IdoBooking, with the automatic integration using the IdoBooking Exporter, you'll be able to upload a listing for a new or existing Airbnb account directly from your IdoBooking dashboard and publish it to the site.

All offers are switched to Instant Booking when connected via Channel Manager. It isn't possible to use the Reservation Request via the Channel Manager.

Create an integration using the Airbnb data importer

Step 1: Connect new property and authorize the connection to your Airbnb account

Step 2: After connecting your account to Airbnb, you will be taken to the Importer where you can select accommodations to import.

Step 3: After importing the data, you will be given a summary of downloaded accommodations, prices, or stay restrictions to verify.

If you used cleaning fee in Airbnb then such an extra be created in IdoBooking as well and it will apply to the integration.

Note: If you have applied other extra fees like resort fee then it will not be imported, so verify your price or create extras that you can map them yourself in the integration.

Create an automated integration using the IdoBooking Exporter

Step 1: Select automatic integration using Exporter and link your Airbnb account

Step 2: Select the accommodation from the IdoBooking panel that you want to transfer to Airbnb

Step 3: Verify the details of the accommodation, select the photos, and the cleaning type allowance to apply to the service.

After you click on continue in this step, all the accommodation data including prices and restrictions will be uploaded to the service.

Step 4: Verify your offer on the site and publish it, or proceed to export another accommodation.

Manual mapping of accommodations and pricing plans

At any time, by going to 'CHANEL MANAGER > Airbnb' and selecting 'Operations -> Mapping' on added properties, you can make changes to the combination of accommodations, pricing plans, or extras that are sent to the service.

Here you'll also find options such as Force an update of available accommodations or Price and availability overview to easily make any changes to your Airbnb integration.

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