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Integration with Agoda

In this article you will learn how to:

*start integration with Agoda
*prepare an offer for the connection,
*synchronize additional services and booking costs and discounts on length of stay.

The Channel Manager built into IdoBooking feature allows you to manage pricing, availability and bookings in one system.

If you don't have an Agoda account yet then create an account at:

Create accommodations in Agoda to link them to their counterparts in the IdoBooking panel.

Then go in the IdoBooking dashboard to the Channel Manger / Agoda integration details tab and follow the integration configuration guide

Preparing your listing before integration

Step 1: Verify your pricing plan settings and make sure the pricing plans have the Agoda sales channel enabled
Step 2: If you want to modify prices then you can enter them in the price management calendar by selecting prices in Agoda and displaying all price plans including unmapped ones
Step 3: You can also modify restrictions in the restriction management calendar

Enable Integration

Step 4: In YCS UI panel go to Settings / Property Settings / Optional Settings
Step 5: Enable channel manager mode, search for IdoBooking and save changes
Step 6: Connect new property in IdoBooking panel
Step 7: Link accommodations from Agoda with their counterparts in IdoBooking
Step 8: Link the rate plans from Agoda with IdoBooking and select the extras (e.g. cleaning fee) to be sent to Agoda
Step 9: After connecting the rate plans, the price upload will be done from IdoBooking and all existing bookings from Agoda will be automatically downloaded

Add-on Configuration

You can configure each add-on available in the IdoBooking dashboard to be included in the booking submitted by Agoda. Configuring an add-on is simple and only involves deciding how its price should affect the cost of the booking. You have two options to choose from:

  • add to the amount sent to the OTA - in the case of this option, the amount to be paid will be the same as charged from the service
  • add to the amount of the reservation, which will be collected from the OTA - in this option the amount to be paid will be higher by the value of the supplement than the one sent to the service.

If you want to make configuration changes or have questions about synchronization, please contact IdoBooking Sales and Support.

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