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IdoBooking Opportunity Centre

Opportunity Center contains tips individually prepared by on what to change or add to your offer to improve sales results. For example, adding a non-returnable offer, enabling reservations for the same day, or adding more photos.

Opportunity Center provided by is based on the analysis of the results of your property at each stage of the reservation process, from checking availability to booking the stay. The Focus Finder tool used for this analyzes also compares the results of your property against similar offers in your area. Based on your results, the Opportunity Center identifies the steps you need to take to improve them.

The full list of suggestions is available directly in the IdoBooking panel in the Channel Manager tab.

After clicking on the number in the Opportunity Center column, you will be redirected to a page with all hints available for the specific offer. If you have manage multiple connection with, we recommend using the link Opportunity Center - New menu to display suggestions for all properties.

Implementing the suggested changes is quick and easy. Some of them can be enabled directly via the IdoBooking panel, whereas, other require logging into the Extranet, and some of them will require direct activation on the website side.

Depending on the type of tip, the following operations will be possible:

  • Activate via - you will be redirected the Extranet, where you can make the necessary changes
  • Maybe later - this advice will be hidden from the list for 30 days
  • Enable - enables the given functionality without having to log in to the

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