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Configure e-mail and SMS templates

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • manage e-mail and SMS settings,
  • configure personalized templates for guests and panel users,
  • set notifications to guests in multiple languages.

To start the configuration, go to the ADMINISTRATION> E-mail and SMS templates tab in your admin panel.

STEP 1: How to adjust email and SMS sent to guests?

Guest notifications are broken down into 3 sources of reservations:

Each source has its own header and footer and key notification types selected by default. To enable or disable a given template, adjust the options marked in the columns E-mail and SMS, and make sure to Save changes, using the button at the bottom of the page.

Find out when and what e-mail is sent.

STEP 2: How to check or edit the content of templates?

Select the Details button next to the template you want to check.

Email messages

All e-mail templates are presented in the HTML version. If you want to preview the content of the message, use the Email template preview. If you want to make changes, change the option to Template: own and edit it in HTML. Remember that each template is composed of event blocks and variables, which contain the most important reservation details (e.g. number, booked room, guest data, etc.) and the conditions for displaying this information (e.g. type of offer, prepayment amount), cancellation conditions). Editing a template requires at least basic knowledge of HTML.

At any time you can preview the changes or return to sending messages with a default look. Just change the switch to the default template and save your changes.

SMS messages

SMS messages also have default templates and customization options. Setting up an SMS is very simple. To enter your own text, use the Own template option. Remember that SMS templates are also based on the list of variables.

SMS preview

STEP 3: How to set SMS type and sender?

In the tab ADMINISTRATION > E-mail and SMS accounts you will find the option SMS type. What is the difference between the available types of SMS?

SMS types

  • SMS without branding and without priority - the simplest SMS message available, without the option to select the text in the 'Sender' field. The field defaults to 'IdoBooking'.
  • SMS without branding, with priority - message without personalized 'Sender' field, but with a guarantee of sending an SMS up to 3 minutes.
  • SMS with branding, no priority - a message with a personalized Sender (e.g. the name of your property - "XYZ Apartments").
  • SMS with branding and priority - a message with a personalized Sender, additionally extended by a guarantee of sending an SMS up to 3 minutes.

What is the cost of an SMS?

Texts in IdoBooking are extremely cheap and this also applies to foreign numbers. The cost will probably be completely imperceptible. See our current price list.

STEP 4: How to check templates for panel users?

Similarly to templates for clients, all messages for IdoBooking users can be checked in the tab 'E-mail and SMS templates> For Panel users. Each template has an email and SMS version, and editing is the same as notifications for guests.

E-mails and SMS for panel users

You can set your message sending preferences in the ADMINISTRATION > Panel users tab. In the details of a given user account, you can specify the type of E-mail and SMS notifications.

Panel user notifications

How can I send directions and check-in instructions?

In the details of each location, in the Information for bookers section, there is a field for entering Directions'. The content of the field is displayed in the following e-mail templates sent to clients:

  • Confirmation of reservation (sent automatically when the service recognizes the payment)
  • Reminder of the reservation starting tomorrow (sent automatically the day before the guest arrives)
  • Email with the current reservation status (sent after clicking the button on a reservation card)

Directions displayed in the email templates are stored in a variable (iai: directions_information' ).