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Meals — a new type of extra services with variants for adults and children

Great information for those who have dedicated menus or meal sizes depending on the age of the guests. More often than not, these are simply smaller and also cheaper portions for the little ones. A new type of add-on in IdoBooking allowing the creation of two variants will allow you to refine your offer to accommodate families with children.

Meals - new type of extra services - Meals - new type of extra services

Up to now, IdoBooking has only supported one type of extra services related to meals. Selecting it always resulted in the price being multiplied by the number of people in the booking. Each person, regardless of age, had the same rate for food in the establishment. However, we have seen a trend towards special offers for families and thus the option of different meal prices has become very necessary. Therefore, without abolishing the existing add-on, we introduced another one in which different age-related options can be set.


When creating such an add-on, start by setting the age of the children for whom the rate for such a meal will be different. To do this, go to the Offer-> Sales Configuration tab and set different prices for aged children and/or free stay toddlers. This function, not only serves to enter the ranges necessary to configure the meal allowance, but also gives you the possibility to add discounts for children's stays.

Entering the meals like extra services

Once the correct age ranges have been created, the add-on can be created and assigned to the corresponding rooms. To add it, go to the Offer -> Add-ons tab, click on the 'Add new add-on' button and select the 'Meal for different ages (optional, automatically calculated number of nights and people x price)' item. In the next step, select the age range for which you are creating an add-on, and after completing the data and saving the changes, you need to repeat this step for the next group.


With this configuration, when making a booking, guests will be able to select the meal for the group after selecting the appropriate number of adults and children. In addition, it will automatically be recalculated according to the length of stay, price and persons in the category. In addition, to make it easier to manage the work in the accommodation facility, such additions will also be presented in the list of meals in the IdoBooking administration panel.

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