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Quick creation of a price list using CSV files

When you have a large accommodation facility with different pricing options, getting everything into the system is a challenge. In order to speed up this process, we have introduced the possibility to import amounts from a CSV file under a specific price plan.

Quick creation of a price list using CSV files - Quick creation of a price list using CSV files

We now have numerous options for configuring price plans in IdoBooking. For example, they can be split seasonally, but with identical settings to all services integrated within Channel Manager. Another option is to use different price plans on the same date - then they can differ in terms and conditions or, for example, meal options. New variants allow you to enrich your offer and increase your profits. However, the more settings, facilities and plans, the more time-consuming the price changes.

For managers renting flats or managers of hotels or guesthouses, a popular way of drawing up a price list and making changes to it is to draw it up in a spreadsheet. It gives you the ability to enter formulas that allow you to instantly increase or decrease prices, but also to conveniently recalculate amounts according to the number of people. Knowing that this is a popular and convenient way to build a price list, we have prepared an option that allows you to import amounts via a CSV file into a specific price plan.

Importing prices from a CSV file into a price plan

If the IdoBooking panel is not yet configured, you will need to add places to stay and price plans, along with settings for cancellation conditions and length of stay. In the next step, go to the Offer-> Price plans tab and select the option "Import or edit prices (CSV)".

opcje w planach cenowych

It is then necessary to navigate to a specific one of the plans and download the CSV file to complete. In the spreadsheet, you need to complete whether the object is to be active and enter the relevant rates. The file should be saved in UTF-8 encoding. When setting prices, appropriate formulas can be added to help convert the amounts.

import cen

import cen

It is possible to verify the correct entry of amounts before saving the changes.

weryfikacja cen

If there are more price plans, a person file should be prepared for each of them. This method is not only used for the initial configuration of the price list, but can be successfully used when editing plans or setting new rates, e.g. for the following year.

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