Implementing IdoBooking is a real revolution for a small guest house, and the individual website design is the key to attract even more new guests

After specifying the budget, we prepared a transparent and functional website for Willi Leluja. The new website has been designed to attract guests who value quick access to the most important information and a swift reservation process. In the upper left corner, there's a Booking Engine which allows guests to make quick and direct reservations. On the right side, we placed Stay for Longer widget which informs visitors about the key attraction in the area. The central part of the website consists of a slider with pictures depicting Willa Leluja. Under the slider, there's a booking button and a section with information about the villa, which highlights its strengths and location. This website layout is a real tribute to guests who expect trouble-free access to the most important information and want to make a quick reservation.

"Our website has completely changed. It was created on the basis of a free standard template which is available as a part of IdoSell package. The key advantage is for sure the Booking Engine which allows for checking availability and making online reservations. We really love the way our offer is presented — it's simple and clear and that's exactly what we wanted to achieve. Another important advantages of our new website are Facebook and mailbox links, as well as the part highlighting the biggest assets of the property. The website is simple and transparent. The most important thing is that we can easily develop this project over time " - says Kinga Żygadło from Willa Leluja

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Willa Leluja manages its new, transparent and functional website in the intuitive IdoSell CMS panel. Regardless of whether you opt for an individual design or use one of available free templates, every IdoBooking website is managed via a simple CMS. Each IdoSell client can easily edit content and pictures on the website directly in the admin panel. Kinga Żygadło from Willa Leluja tells us which CMS features work the best for her: "Perhaps the most important thing isthe he easinness with which we can with which we can edit information about the rooms, amenities, photos, special offers or unavailability. Following your recommendation, I also agreed on embedding Stay for Longer widget."

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Stay for Longer on Willa Leluja's website

IdoSell Booking - StayforLonger - IdoSell Booking - StayforLonger

Willa Leluja can accommodate 25 people in their four specious apartments and two double rooms. The property is situated close to the center, but also a bit on the side with very beautiful views. The location is perfect for taking short trips to the mountains, and in the evening to Krupówki. The villa offers comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price. It's mostly visited by young guests who use mobile devices and are curious about Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains themselves. Another important group of clients are "business" guests, who most often come to Zakopane for conferences. During the holiday season, Willa Leluja often hosts families with children.

To meet the ever-increasing demands of the hotel market, you need to constantly develop and reach new customers with your offer. If our guests are young people, then we cannot forget about the potential of Social Media and convenient booking methods via Facebook . Thanks to our Booking Engine, Willa Leluja allows its guests making reservations directly on Facebook. Kinga Żygadło from Willa Leluja describes how this additional channel increases the number of reservations and the convenience of guests: "The accommodation market in Zakopane is experiencing a huge boom. In recent years, the customer profile has changed very much. There are more and more young customers who use Facebook and mobile devices. Most of the reservations are mode for 1-3 nights and are so-called last minute deals, booked on the way. They are young, mobile guests who often visit Zakopane for the first time and became interested in our city while browsing through Facebook and Instagram. That's why, reaching young guest through social media and providing them with easy mobile booking experience seemed crucial to us. The vast majority of all our reservations are reservation made by guests under the age of 35."

Booking Engine on Facebook

IdoSell Booking Engine on Facebook - IdoSell Booking Engine on Facebook

Modern accommodation rental is based on adapting to the preferences of your clients who are accustomed to making reservations in their favourite services. Kinga Żygadło describes which OTAs are connected via IdoSell Channel Manager and how this tool improves the daily work in Willa Leluja: "We mainly use the integration with I would love to increase sales through Airnbnb, TripAvisor and Expedia but these are new channels with which we just recently connected with. Idosell Booking with its Channel Manager is a real revolution for a small guesthouse managed by one person with additional responsibilities. First of all, it greatly reduces the time spent on availability management. It comes down mainly to checking and controlling the situation. Price management and rate updates can be done at least twice as fast. Increased availability, virtually no overbooking possibilities are the key features assessed by our main partner - Our sales at increased by several hundred percent compared to last year. I think that it's thanks to Channel Manager."

OTAs connected via Channel Manager in Willa Leluja

IdoSell Booking Channel Manager - IdoSell Booking Channel Manager

The right pricing policy, which is tailored to a particular season, is one of the key factors in vacation rental. At Idosell Booking, you can freely manage prices using rate plans as well as discounts and mark-ups adjusted to specific occasions. "We base on seasonal rate plans. I often change and make some exceptions via the Price Management tool, which is very convenient. Price modification tools in IdoBooking are constantly developed and become more and more transparent. Of course, the ideal configuration is a simple price increase, e. g. for and other integrated channels. The preview of all rates, including those in OTAs, as well mark-ups applied for 1-night reservations is also great. We really appreciate the setting which allows to automatically decrease the min stay, i.e. when there's a gap, we can set to automatically allow for a 1-night stay, even though the central min stay is 2-3 nights. I also use the discount for minimum 4 days and last minute deals. Additionally, we applied an increase depending on the occupancy level in our most expensive apartment." - says Kinga Żygadło from Willa Leluja

Interview with Kinga Żygadło, the owner of Willa Leluja

IdoBooking: Your website is available in 3 language versions. How does this functionality translate into reservations made by foreign clients? Which countries do you get the most visitors from?

Kinga Żygadło: We have a lot of foreigners, but they book primarily through It is difficult to get direct booking from foreigners made via our website, mainly because the SEO cost.

IdoBooking: What are your plans for the near future?

Kinga Żygadło: We plan to expand our offer by building a cottage for 4 - 6 people. This is our plan for the next two years. It requires a lot of effort but we hope it'll work. I also hope for further cooperation with your company.