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New website improved my work by about 80% by combining a clear offer presentation and promotional packages in one place. Easy access on mobile devices, online payments, automatic e-mail and sms notifications are just some of the features which made my life easier. Thanks to OTAs, I can accommodate guests from many countries. Website integrated with Channel Manager allows me to safely take reservations from multiple sources. All of this allowed me to take the management of my properties to the next level." ~ says the owner, Beata Kasprzak [Read more]

"Our website has completely changed. It was created on the basis of a free standard template which is available as a part of IdoSell package. The key advantage is for sure the Booking Engine which allows for checking availability and making online reservations. We really love the way our offer is presented — it's simple and clear and that's exactly what we wanted to achieve. Another important advantages of our new website are Facebook and mailbox links, as well as the part highlighting the biggest assets of the property. The website is simple and transparent. The most important thing is that we can easily develop this project over time" - says Kinga Żygadło from Willa Leluja. [Read more]

Willa Leluja
Apartamenty Cherry House

"Our work demands flexibility and mobility. To function properly, we need everything within our reach. Smartphone is by far the most essential device used in our everyday work. Thanks to being mobile, we can always be in touch with our guests. A very important part of our job is Channel Manager which allows us managing all bookings in one admin panel” - say Tatiana and Karol, the owners of Cherry House [Read more]

"We cannot imagine running our business without IdoBooking — the system which allows us to manage all reservations. Our reservations come from several sources — Booking.com, Airbnb, eholiday and other OTA. Thanks to IdoBooking, we don't have to concentrate on adding reservations manually and controlling the availability. The time which we save, we devote to more important issue, like acquiring new apartments to our offer."- says Przemysław Kacmajor, the owner of Apartamenty Białystok. [Read more]

Apartamenty Białystok

"We are very satisfied with the easiness of adding our own reservations and managing the availability. Phone and e-mail reservations look more professional when guests receive automatic confirmations and deposit details. We use a very simple and website powered by IdoBooking. Apart from the regular content, we post information about tourist attractions, events and cultural offers in Lanckorona." ~ say the owners of The Forest Garden, Renata i Franciscus van de Logt [Read more]

"IdoBooking Channel Manager eliminated errors and limited number of misunderstandings with guests. It imposed discipline in terms of updating reservation details and communication with customers. Five years ago, we used pen and paper to mange all reservations. It brought on a lot of mistakes and confusion. Guests often used our mistakes to their benefit, especially in case of telephone reservations. After adding our offer to online travel agencies, we were not able to keep track of updating availability fast enough.Now, it's a completely different story." ~ says Edward Trzosek, the owner of Perła Krutyni Resort. [Read more]

"When we were starting our business, very few people knew what the “Internet” was. Currently, thanks to the widespread access to the Internet and the help of our booking system, we can manage our guest house efficiently and virtually anywhere. Even in a small property like ours, IdoBooking is an indispensable tool in everyday work." ~ says Grażyna Kropacz Witkowska, the owner of Bombaj Guest House [Read more]