To travel is to live - the inspiring story of a Spanish OTA - Holiday Trip Spain!

IdoBooking is a perfect system for managing apartments from anywhere in the world. It has proven itself perfectly as a booking tool for Holiday Trip Spain. Its owner, Łukasz Jakubowski, when asked about IdoBooking replied: "(...) the idea of establishing cooperation with IdoBooking was a hit. IdoSell can be proud that the audit carried out in our company by an external marketing company, out of many offers on the market, chose this system to implement our business. "
We present you with the inspiring story of Holiday Trip Spain!

apartments in Spain
apartments in Spain

Holiday Trip Spain is an extensive OTA portal with numerous offers of private apartments and houses, as well as hotels and apartment managed by companies, located on the picturesque coast of Spain. By booking accommodation directly with Holiday Trip Spain, you can count on the assistance of theri team throughout your holiday. Residents are available around the clock, which is especially important for people with a language barrier.

Holiday Trip Spain apartments

How does property management look like in Spain?

The coast of Spain is a very attractive location for investors from Europe who buy a lot of vacation rentals there. And because the owners are not able to manage apartments from a distance, almost every property needs external service, like the one provided by Holiday Trip Spain. Giving your apartment management over to an external company is a great convenience for the property owner! The calendar is full, guest assistance is provided, plus full apartment service is covered. There are more and more people willing to buy such properties, and Holiday Trip Spain has the status of a Real Estate Agency. Thanks to this, they support many apartments and can constantly invite new investors to cooperation.

Holiday Trip Spain apartments in Spain

How did the Holiday Trip Spain adventure start?
After coming to Spain, we were looking for a business idea. After a year, we opened a company called "Poles for Poles in Spain" to help families move to Spain. In the first months, we expanded our activity to the management of tourist apartments. This is how our short-term rental department was created. We constantly improve and raise its standards - says the owner, Mr. Łukasz Jakubowski.

Apartments in Spain

How did you like the cooperation with IdoBooking during the website design?

The initial page customization was a must. Łukasz recalls: ”there were some things we could not do on our own. However, we quickly reached an agreement with IdoSell and the problems were resolved. Currently, IdoSell allows us to perfectly manage the rental. I cannot imagine the company's functioning without this system.”I have to applaud one of the coders - I haven't had such a high level of cooperation in the field of marketing yet. It is very rare that graphic designers and coders listen to the client. Everything I requested done as it should be. Each outline of the idea was very well analyzed along with the search for new solutions. I am very pleased with the website. In fact, I brag about it. Summing up, I was served at the highest level in this topic.”

As Natalie Gajska-Kluźniak, Web Developer Designer at IdoSell recalls, Holiday Trip Spain was very nice and open to the development of their website. It is very good to work with such people, because they trust the specialist and follow their suggestions, at the same time, they have their own clearly defined rules which we must follow; like thier brand colors or graphic style. But if the designer gets the feel of the brand, then the further work is really nice.

Apartments in Spain

What have we done for Holiday Trip Spaine?

Holiday Trip Spain is not only about managing own and external apartments, which are available on the website. The portal also works as OTA - Online Travel Agency, i.e. an aggregator of offers from other managers and an additional sales channel for vacation rentals. Such a solution required individual solutions and more complex implementation.
As Natalie Gajska-Kluźniak recalls, The client ordered several CMS subpages that were designed especially for them. They added many different external integrations and the apartments photos were taken very professionally. What is unusual, the client even made his advertising film, which we added on the home page . As you can see, Holiday Trip Spain focuses on the extensive development of its system and brand. Thanks to this, the website is perfectly prepared for various clients.

What else have we managed to do?

  • we have removed the IdoBooking logo at the client's request
  • we have created multiple panel user accounts with different access levels
  • we have introduced a color code in the pictures to distinguish the apartments managed by Holiday Trip Spain from the apartments of other owners available on their website
  • we have made individual tab designs Cooperation, Last minute, Attractions and tickets
Holiday Trip Spain Apartments

How to be successful in the short-term rental industry?

Besides a good booking tool, something else is needed for success. Łukasz revealed that his risky nature contributed to his success. "I have two motives in life: Success is never the result of short-lived enthusiasm, here you have to go through a real fire and whoever does not risk does not drink champagne. I like to take on something new that I get to know inside-out. I am sure that a person with a lot of experience in managing companies from various industries will be the best candidate for running a company with which they have not had any contact before. They observe, draw conclusions, bring in new solutions, give ideas and are not tired of the matters into which routine has gotten into. ”

Łukasz added that the whole team works for the company's success. In the case of Holiday Trip Spain, it is the management team, i.e. the fiancée of Mr. Łukasz - Aleksandra Różecka, who maintains technical supervision over the vacation rentals and system, and their partner, Dominik Michałowski, who supports the portal with all his heart, because he believes in its success. Advisors, who are also very involved in their work, are also very important in building the portal's success.

Holiday Trip Spain Apartments

What are next plans for Holiday Trip Spain?

Łukasz does not hide that they are ambitious and immediately adds that: "nothing is impossible". IdoSell was initially implemented only for the needs of the apartments managed by Łukasz with his team. But the ambitions prevailed and very quickly a new idea and question emerged: Why not be an OTA service such as or Airbnb, but aimed at the Spanish market? This is how the work on the Holiday Trip Spain portal project for apartment and hotel owners began.

A marketing campaign will start soon, as Holiday Trip Spain is already acquiring a new apartment for rent every day. "We took a risk, create a strategy and we will see what will come of it. We constantly provide comments and our expectations to IdoSell employees for further development of the system so that we can easily manage such a portal. IdoSell goes hand in hand with many issues and is willing to introduce system changes. And this is very important to us. Maybe someday we will do a Holiday Trip World project together? Who knows! "
Go forward, never stand still or back down, do not stop, draw conclusions, develop, and success one day will knock on your door " - with this motto we bode for Mr. Łukasz and the whole Holiday Trip Spain team a huge success and we are happy to be part of it!

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