Secure booking and accommodation service with IdoBooking

Experience the high standard of security that IdoBooking guarantees

We guarantee:

  • Payment security because we meet international standards in the payment card industry in accordance with the PCI DSS standard
  • Financial security because we are a financially stable company, listed on the stock exchange
  • A platform that is constantly evolving because a modern system and new functionalities will improve your work
  • Safe and stable system because reliability is our priority

What do we offer?


Reservation and payment data are secured when transmitted over the internet

Access to event logs

All changes made to your panel are recorded in event logs

Access to administrative to data

You can manage your bookings yourself, and your data will be stored in the secure cloud

Free terms and conditions

We provide and automatically update ready-made terms and conditions for your reservation system

Continuous monitoring of service performance

We constantly check that the services in your panel and equipment are working properly

Everyday backup

Every day we protect you from data loss or damage

Working with IdoBooking equals trust and respect

You get an independent system created entirely by IdoBooking, so actions of other companies won't affect our offer


We give you a full guarantee of confidentiality. Each of our employees abides by strict confidentiality requirements (NDA)

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