The Forest Garden – an ago-touristic farm in Lanckorona – uses IdoBooking to manage their reservations. 20% of them are international ones!

Renata and Franciscus van de Logt - The Forest Garden"When my husband found IdoBooking, I was afraid that it would mean only troubles and complications. I couldn't be more wrong. Learning how to use the admin panel turned out to be a piece of cake. One of the biggest advantages is an easy access to the helpline and very professional and friendly customer service. I'm from the generation which likes a direct, people-to-people communication, even if the interaction is facilitated by modern technology. I'm quite sure we may not use the full potential of the system but we became fluent in managing the calendar, customer base, settlement records and offer configuration, including the list of extra services available for booking, i.e. meals, ayurvedic massages or our romantic dinners."

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