Professional Reservation Management System with IdoBooking

IdoBooking is not only an online Booking Engine for your customers but also a comprehensive internal Booking Management System that helps you run your day-to-day business operations. It is a feature-rich solution which serves as a great alternative to traditional pen-and-paper reservation books. With IdoBooking, you are able to introduce professional booking management to your business at a very low cost.

Our Booking Management System provides a quick overview of inventory and all settlements. In one system, you are able to keep an eye on all online bookings and effortlessly add reservations made via phone and e-mails.

Hassle-free booking management for you and your clients:

  • keep everything in one place - use our drag-and-drop booking calendar to swiftly add and edit all reservations
    • problem-free access - wherever you go, IdoBooking is with you – there's no need to install any software - our system is based in a cloud and easy to connect via the Internet
    • fully responsive design - we're 100% mobile-friendly - our system seamlessly adjusts any device, no matter if you're using a laptop, smart phone or tablet
    • update your rates flexibly in all sales channels - arrange your prices the way you like it – create special offers, add discounts for loyal customers and dynamically adjust rates to the current demand for your service. IdoBooking Channel Manager will keep your rates always up-to-day across all integrated websites.
    • e-mail booking confirmations - forget about handling all confirmations manually - our system sends fully-automated reservation updates to all of your clients, even those making bookings via external websites
    • synchronized payment system – integrate available payment processors with your booking calendar – with just one click, you will be able to check the status of your booking settlements and see the source of all transactions made by your clients
    • grow your customer base - each and every new customer making a booking will be automatically added to IdoBooking panel

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