Your own domain assigned to the IdoBooking showcase

Using your own domain makes it easier to find your place's website. Improve your place's positioning in search-engine results by using your own domain.

Technical domain vs your own domain

Every IdoBooking website has a default a technical domain. A technical domain usually includes your client number and is followed by Such domains are used mainly to help you prepare your website before releasing it to the public.

If you use a technical domain, your IdoBooking website will be available at e.g. and will not be positioned in search engines. That is why we recommend registering it under your own domain. As a result, you will obtain a secure address that will be a perfect advertisement for your accommodation facility. If you already have a website, you can use its current search engine position and redirect it to your new IdoBooking website.

If you don't have your own domain

Register your domain with a company that provides such services, e.g OVH. We do not participate in registering domains nor do we cooperate with any company in this area. After you order your domains, please delegate them to our servers:

  • Primary dns:
  • Secondary dns:

If you already have a domain

If you already have a domain, you can assign to IdoBooking in three ways:

  • by delegating a domain to our DNS servers (complete delegation)
  • by redirecting a domain to the server IP address (incomplete delegation)
  • by redirecting a domain to a given web/URL address

Delegating a domain to our DNS servers

If you have a domain, add it to the IdoBooking panel in the ADMINISTRATION\Domain and system services management\Domain delegation section. The main domain is the domain to which each website access is redirected to. This is relevant for the position of your property in Google. Options for selecting the main domain can be found in the ADMINISTRATION\Choose the main domain section.

Adding a domain to our DNS and redirecting it

After you add a domain to our DNS, please wait for the server settings to refresh. Next, go to your domain provider and select the "Redirecting to external DNS servers" option, or any option with a similar name, and fill in the fields with the following:

  • Primary dns:
  • Secondary dns:

If the form contain fields for entering IP addresses, do not fill them in.

About 24-48 hours after redirecting your domain, you should be able to access your IdoBooking website with the new address. If after this period of time you cannot open the showcase in your domain, please contact the company from which you purchased the domain to check whether the domain was properly delegated to our company DNS servers (Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS: If it was, please report this problem to the IdoBooking support team by sending a message.

Redirecting a domain to the server IP address

In this case you should choose the incomplete delegation option, which means redirecting a domain to the server IP address with A record in DNS. The DNS server will remain at the current service provider.
Enter the full name of the domain (starting with „www”), select "No" and click "Next". The domain will be added to the list.

Note: Add the domain again, this time, however, without including „www” at the beginning. You only need to enter the domain name (without "www"), select "No" and click "Next". The domain will be added to the list.

Now you need to configure the provider-side delegation:,,, etc.

NOTE: If you change the IP address, you also need to change the domain configuration.

Free SSL certificate for each of your domains

For every domain added in the IdoBooking panel, you receive a free Commercial Wildcard SSL certificate from us. It includes not only the main domain, but also its subdomains.

The issuing of these certificates is completely maintenance-free for you, you do not have to worry about for what period to buy the certificate, or remember about its expiry date. We take care of everything, ensuring the continuity of certificate validity for each of your domains throughout the entire period of our cooperation.

Guests browsing your business card in IdoBooking will see in the browser a padlock next to the domain address, which means that the content on the site is secured.

Already have a domain assigned?

Read more about positioning your accommodation facility in Google or ask our partner - Traffic Trends - for assistance.