Efficient cooperation and easy billing with owners. Meet the panel from IdoBooking

The solution for apartment managers | Easy settlement with owners | Time saving

Settling accounts between managers and facility owners will be even easier. Explore advanced solutions for apartment management companies. Turn on the owner's panel and bill in a way that is convenient for you.

Explore the possibilities of the panel

Owner's panel to facilitate your collaboration

Improve collaboration with apartment owners

Create dedicated accounts for owners who will get access to a dedicated calendar and real-time booking reports for their properties. This will simplify your collaboration.

Settle accounts with landlords in a convenient way

Create billing according to your own conditions. In IdoBooking we offer you the most popular billing schemes with the possibility of customization.

Save time and generate booking reports

The owner panel will allow you to configure booking reports and generate owner billing. This will save you time on tasks that you would normally do manually.

Explore the possibilities of the owner's panel

Create accounts with a dedicated booking calendar

Determine what range of reservation data you want owners to see when viewing current reservation reports for their properties. Provide them with a preview of these reservations.

Generate periodic statements of owners

Settle accounts with owners according to your own terms. Use ready-made billing schemes used by major managers and modify them according to your needs.

Allow owners to control profits

With access to month-end previews, owners will be up to date on costs, profits and number of bookings.

How do I go to the owner panel?


Go to the IdoBooking panel


Go to Administration and then to Owner Panel


Enable the module and use the wizard to create accounts for owners