Custom page design using Smarty

If you would like to customize the look and feel of your booking page yourself, we have the perfect solution. You can fully modify the layout and design of your page templates using Smarty.

konfiguracja panelu Smarty lets you freely modify your page's look and feel, which gives you great control over how your offer is presented. You can go as far as editing the underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript of your page.

The Smarty engine allows for separation of the presentation (HTML) and logic (PHP) layers of the application. This is useful when your project involves people with multiple specialisations (e.g. graphical designers, backend developers, etc.), as they can focus only on the part of the application related to their field of work. As a result, your project can grow in a more controlled and efficient manner.

The IdoBooking reservation system lets you freely choose between different versions of your page. You can choose between a selection of default templates or upload your own, custom designs.

Learn how to customise your booking page using Smarty