Accommodation facility search engine optimisation, long tail, SEO, SEM

We have concentrated on providing optimal HTML code and integration tools, and we do them well. With IdoBooking, you do not have to worry about so-called "passive" search engine optimisation. We make every effort to keep up with constantly changing trends and new tools indispensable to attracting the highest amount of traffic to your website.

The tourism industry in Poland is constantly developing. As a result, customers have the opportunity to place bookings online. Due to the large amount of competition out there, the most attractive facilities may be overlooked. Success in business no longer depends on low prices and a nice website. Increasing competition is forcing e-commerce companies to increase the sophistication of their online marketing efforts. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to benefit from the tools available to improve the effectiveness of an accommodation facility website and increase its profitability.

Look after your website optimisation!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important issues to consider when running an accommodation facility. The most eye-catching graphics or the widest assortment of products may turn out to be insufficient if your page is not properly optimised. Thanks to the well-crafted HTML code of IdoBooking service, you have access to great opportunities.

From a technical point of view, SEO is the process of preparing a website's content to be properly registered and indexed by Google's crawlers. This has a crucial impact on the position of your facility website in online search results and the way it is described there.

Earn top positions on Google

Since online commerce is constantly developing, even the best platform might not attract the desired level of traffic for a website if no professional support is provided. In the most competitive markets, there are more than tens of thousands of established accommodation facilities with a shared goal – to be at the top position in search results. To achieve this goal, it is essential to use the services of a professional agency specialized in search engine optimization.

A high position in so-called "organic" (i.e. unpaid) search results brings traffic free-of-charge, which can mean new bookings and increased income for your accommodation facility.

Effective search-engine optimisation requires more advanced measures, which need to be performed by professionals. IdoBooking does not deal directly with search engine optimisation. However, we have selected a suitable partner who will support the whole process at a reasonable price.

Take care of your "long tail"

For many accommodation facilities, a significant percentage of revenue is generated by so-called long tail searches. Long-tail searches are when customers enter a brief and specific phrase, e.g. the name of the location where a customer wants to stay. User-friendly platform HTML code as well as appropriate optimisation and improvement of a home page and domain name using the search-engine optimisation process will help to earn top places in search results for specific keywords.

Don't want to waste your time? Buy traffic and get visitors today!

If your time is important to you and you want to immediately bring traffic to your website, you can use paid ways to increase the number of visitors. If you select this option, your adverts will be displayed above or next to organic search results, and you will pay each time someone clicks your link. We recommend this solution if timing is really important to you, e.g. if you have launched an attractive special offer.

In the long term, search engine optimisation is a much cheaper and more effective solution for attracting traffic. We will provide you with multiple tools to measure the effectiveness of the steps you take.