Offer of paid positioning and additional Traffic Trends advertising actions for IdoBooking clients

Year by year, the market for accommodation services in Poland is growing. Nowadays, an attractive price and a visually friendly website are not enough to run a successful business on the Internet. Many competitive facilities use services of professional companies, taking care of their Internet marketing and positioning. logo

Traffic Trends is concerned with generating valuable visits to [/en/booking/functions/marketing/bring-effective-marketing-to-your-hotel/ websites]. Valuable, i.e. those that meet the business goals of customers. The main source of acquiring customers in Poland is the Google search engine. Statistics confirm that a very small percentage of people, typing a keyword into a search engine, check websites that are outside the TOP 10 search results. That is why many companies add to their [/en/booking/functions/marketing/zadbaj-o-effective-marketing-for-your-hotel/marketing] strategy the fight for the highest places in search results, that is positioning.

As part of its services, Traffic Trends will provide you with the following benefits:

hotel positioning

  • Will analyze the popularity of keywords and advise on which phrases to position the apartment, guest house or other accommodation to maximize revenue.
  • During the positioning will constantly monitor the progress and achieved conversions.
  • Will allow you to achieve the results safely and without the risk of blocking your website in search engines.
  • Will build a high quality database of links leading to your website, without the risk of blocking your website in search engines (so-called ban).
  • Will help you to fill your website with content, e.g. will apply proper naming in menus or links and will set meta tags using forms available in the panel. In case of any problems, the agency will contact IdoBooking directly, taking care of the necessary changes on its own.
  • Allows you to sign a contract via messaging, based on the IAI Affiliate Program service External Services. Thanks to that, all the formalities will be completed in a few minutes, without sending the contract by mail. The validity of the contract is guaranteed by the IdoBooking terms and conditions.
  • Affordable offer, and additionally for being an IdoBooking customer you'll receive discount from standard prices.
  • It will also allow you to contact them via messaging, so that if there are problems you can ask your tech support for help or check your correspondence. Your employees will also be able to contact the SEO Agency or consult changes made to the website.
  • It will securely settle the dues through the IdoBooking billing system. Thanks to that, in case of failure to fulfill the agreement, IdoBooking will be able to refund you.

Offer details can be found here:
Site positioning packages - price list

SEO for apartments

In addition to SEO, Traffic Trends also handles other advertising activities such as:

- maximum use of business potential in social media
- individual strategy of social media activities for your brand
- ongoing management of profiles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
- comprehensively prepared fan page, full graphic and technical care
- building an engaged community around your brand
- monthly reports on social media activities

- creating, running and optimizing social media campaigns
- targeting of advertising to a precisely defined group
- flexible advertising budget, tailored to your needs
- constant consultations and reports from conducted activities

- designing, optimizing and running advertising campaigns
- preparation of advertising strategy, corresponding to your business goals
- Constant consultations, control over expenditure and advertising message.