How to sync IdoBooking with external online calendars?

IdoBooking allows you to sync your reservation calendar with external services and websites which support iCal formatted calendars, i.e. , Google Calendar, iCloud, Airbnb or HomeAway. This way, you can control availability shown in various sales channels via IdoBooking Management System.

Recently, online calendars have grown in popularity as a very practical tool for time management. iCal is a widely supported format on global rental portals that bring you closer to your target customers. Keeping up with current trends, IdoBooking decided to enable you an easy synchronization with multiple external website via exporting and importing iCal files.

    What are the benefits?

  • maximize your online exposure
  • reach more international clients
  • secure online payments
  • sync with sales channels supporting iCal without risking overbooking
  • save the time you spent on transferring reservations manually

    How it works?

  • IdoBooking provides you with a unique iCal URL address for exchanging availability updates
  • every reservation item gets a separate code
  • calendar is automatically updated every hour
  • each reservation made in an external calendar blocks the availability in IdoBooking and all integrated channels

For more detailed information on how to use iCal for integrating IdoBooking with external services visit our websites devoted to Google Calendar integration and Airbnb integration.