Integration with trivago

You can synchronize your offer with trivago via IdoBooking Channel Manager. Thanks to a real-time connection, you can manage availability and rates in one system, minimizing the risk of overbooking.

Trivago belongs to the world's leading Expedia, Inc., which manages a dozen or so of the world's major tourist brands, i.e.,, HomeAway, Orbitz or Hotwire.

Trivago has a global reach, operating in 55 countries around the world and gathering together almost 2 million accommodation offers. Thanks to a real-time Channel Manager connection, setting up your offer in trivago is extremely easy.

Why should you connect with trivago?

trivago, together with the whole Expedia, Inc., is one of the leading brands in the travel industry
it gives you opportunity to reach an international audience and increase your brand recognition
trivago visitors are shown with your best deals across multiple channels
you are able to transfer potential clients directly to your website and increase the number of direct bookings

IdoSell Booking connection with trivago - IdoSell Booking connection with trivago

What are the benefits of connecting with trivago via IdoBooking Channel Manager?

  • you can sell the same rooms simultaneously without the risk of overbooking
  • information about free rooms is updated in real-time
  • you will increase sales by optimizing the occupancy
  • availability and prices are managed in one place
  • your offers will be automatically imported to trivago without the need for mapping
  • you can provide your guests with special offers, discounts and extras, available exclusively via the Booking Engine on your website

Learn how to connect your offer:

Launch Instant Bookings via trivago