TripAdvisor – integration with TripConnect

IdoBooking and TripAdvisor joined forces to bring you even more direct reservations!

TripAdvisor is one the most opinion-forming services in the tourism industry. All around the world, over 260 million visitors check it out on a monthly basis. TripAdvisor users post travel-related reviews of accommodation and attractions that help other tourists plan and book their trips. The service is full of genuine user-generated content based on personal travelling experiences. TripAdvisor not only provides travel tips but also gives a chance to make an instant booking. You don't have a TripAdvisor page? No worries, registering your accommodation is extremely easy.

IdoBooking gives you a chance to win over new customers via TripAdvisor. Right now, we're listed as a TripConnect Plus Partner. How does it work? TripConnect is a special feature that enables online reservations via TripAdvisor. It brings more direct traffic to your reservation system.

To launch TripConnect, you need to subscribe to TripAdvisor Business Listings. Once it's done, clients will be directed to IdoBooking Engine straight from your TripAdvisor page. Thanks to the integration, you show availability and rates on one of the biggest travel websites.

TripConnect is an acquisition tool working on a cost-per-click (CPC) model – meaning that you are charged on the basis of clicks which your offer receives. Most importantly, you pay only for what can convert into a real reservation - the offer won't show if a selected date is not available for booking.

Additionally, we provide a tool to track your Return on Investment (ROI). It measures the effectiveness of your TripConnect campaign showing the proportion between advertising costs and conversion rate.


Simply more online reservations - guests are redirected to IdoBooking Engine on your website where they can instantly book an accommodation

Bigger revenue - give your offer full exposure on one of the most influential travel websites

Minimize the costs — you dictate your own rules for CPC campaigns - you can always put a cup on your spendings

Connect to more potential guests - TripAdvisor is a totally mobile-friendly service – your reach more travellers who prefer looking for accommodation via smart phones

How does it work?

On your TripAdvisor page - travellers can see your travellers and rates, and with just one click access your website

On your website - travellers are directed to your Booking Engine where they can make a direct reservation