Booking Engine on your Facebook

Thanks to the integration with IdoBooking, your guests can make reservation directly from your Facebook page. You can easily enable this feature without any additional costs!

booking via Facebook Every business type requires constant adjustment to the target group of clients. To keep pace with constantly developing booking features, you need to take care of choosing the right marketplace for your offer and be where you clients spend the most of time. Integrate your Booking Engine with Facebook and allow clients to check the availability, rates and make reservation without leaving the fanpage.

Facebook is the place of constant information exchange. In a very natural way, it creates a unique web of recommendations. Taking into consideration the latest research, very few of us make any purchasing decisions without getting familiar with the product's reviews. Use the power of good recommendation and make Facebook your modern marketplace.

Every day on Facebook, you can find tons of accommodation enquiries and instant responses from companies who do sit idle waiting for clients to find them. Take it one step further by embedding our Engine on your profile.

What are the benefits of taking reservation directly via Facebook?

  • You create long-lasting relations with your clients,
  • increase the number of reservations,
  • strengthen customer loyalty,
  • develop stronger brand awareness,
  • provide more convenient and direct method of booking,
  • reach new target groups,
  • promote your special deals,
  • get low-commission reservations,
  • are ahead of your competition and make the best of this modern marketplace.

How features should your Facebook Booking Engine have?

  • Optimization to the Facebook standards.
  • Seamless navigation adjusted to the Facebook page.
  • Always up-to-date availability and rates.