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Stay restrictions and allotment

In this article you will learn how to:
*set stay restrictions on chosen days, overwriting rate plan settings
*control availability using the arrival/departure closure settings,
*specify the number of rooms available for sale in selected channels.

To manage restrictions per day in a dedicated calendar go to OFFER / Restrictions and allotment calendar.

NOTE: To change the restrictions for particular days, you first need to configure the rate plans for these dates. If in doubt, please refer to our rate plans configuration manual. In case of unusual room setting, the settings are defined directly on the room level and are valid for the whole year.

Restrictions and allotment calendar

Abbreviations used in the calendar

Each setting regarding reservations restrictions is presented in the form of an abbreviation:

  • Fix - the length of stay has been specified for a specific number of days, weeks or months, e.g. Fix 7.
    • Min - the length of the reservation has been set for no less than the specified number of days, e.g. Min 3.
    • Multi - this option is displayed when the length of the reservation is a multiple of given number of days, e.g. Multi 7
    • * - means various restrictions on a given day
    • CTA - (Closed To Arrival) the booking cannot start on the given day
    • CTD - (Closed To Departure) the booking cannot end on the given day

When the calendar cell is empty, it means that there's no restriction on a given day.

The grey colour indicates the dates on which rooms are unavailable (it's either sold out, or the availability is closed). The fields in which the exceptions have been entered are highlighted in yellow on the calendar.

How to modify restrictions in rate plans?

Restrictions can be modified by holding and dragging the left mouse button on the cells you want to edit. Alternatively, you can use the Change Restrictions button and modified settings on chosen dates.

How to change the availability of sales channels?

Changing the availability in the calendar allows you to quickly modify the allotment without having to block individual units in the calendar.

Availability can be modified by holding and dragging the left mouse button over the cells you want to edit.

This functionality allows managing sales in sales channels in one place within.