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How to generate ready-to-use codes for your website?

All codes are available in INTEGRATIONS/Embed the widget on external website. In the first step, you are able to choose the display mode:

  • full-size Booking Engine
  • booking button
  • floating button on the browser edge
  • search box
  • floating search box on the browser edge
  • special offer box

How to generate a customized code?

First, decide what offer you want to show to your clients. You can choose from available:

  • promotions
    • reservation items or sets
    • items in a chosen location

Moreover, you can narrow down the offer by specifying such parameters:

  • currency
  • language
  • date range
  • number of guests

You can also decide whether you want to:

  • show the whole offer and only highlight the chosen items at the top of the list,
  • display only the selected items.

An example of fully customized settings:

When is it good to use a customized code?

  • When you have a website on which each reservation item has a separate page and you want to add a booking calendar for this object only.
  • When you manage properties in various locations and each location has a separate website.
  • When you want to advertise a specific special offer.
  • When you want your clients to make reservations in a very specific time frame, i.e. winter holidays.
  • When you have a customized project, i.e. an interactive map of your property on which your guest choose a specific item they want to book.