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We are introducing automatic debiting of guest cards from, Expedia and Booking Engine

As announced, in addition to the automatic debiting of virtual cards, thanks to the built-in payment system IdoPay from now on, your guests' cards will also be automatically debited and the funds transferred to your bank account.

Automatic debiting of guest cards

If you are using the system IdoPay then, as with virtual cards, you no longer need to automatically debit the guest cards provided in Booking Engine, and Expedia.

In Booking Engine, the automatic debit payment schedule will make attempts to debit the card 5, 3, 2 and 1 day before the required payment date, e.g. for the second part of the prepayment set with the pricing plans in the IdoBooking panel.

In and Expedia, as with virtual cards, the automatic debit payment schedule will make attempts to debit the card 4, 3, 2 and 1 day before the required payment date based on the prepayment settings in the or Expedia external service.


Your guests are informed of the next scheduled debit attempt and in most cases, you will receive your funds on the first debit attempt. However, if the debit attempt fails e.g. due to a lack of funds on the card - the guest will be informed of the next upcoming attempt with instructions to ensure funds on the card. You can wait calmly, all communication ensures that you receive the funds before your required deposit dates.

Under Bookings / List of bookings, an option Bookings with card pending customer confirmation has appeared so that you can quickly filter such bookings. By going to the booking settlement, you can send a renewed request to the guest for card confirmation.


If you have the option enabled in the OTA services Payments made on the property side, then the guest will immediately be asked to pay for the booking in Booking Engine after making the booking and will be able to choose any form of payment (including payment card).

New possibilities in booking billing

Moving on to booking billing, you can charge the guest's card yourself using the Charge button. When debiting, you can specify an optional reason, which will be sent in an e-mail to the guest, e.g. if an additional charge is agreed due to damage incurred during the stay.

In addition, you can add new payment cards to the booking in two forms:

  • The customer is at reception. - the Booking Engine is then displayed on the reception screen with the guest's account logged in
  • The customer is not at reception - a request for payment is then sent to the guest's e-mail address


All of the above changes will allow you to automatically, securely and as quickly as possible deposit bookings with guest or virtual payment cards. Enjoy unprecedented convenience and save your time in processing bookings.

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