IdoPay - built-in integration with the most popular banks

A Booking Engine, without online payments, is like a car without wheels. Only the online payment, which is automatically credited to the account and turns the booking into a paid one, makes the use of such a tool meaningful. However, we know that finding a partner, who understands the booking business and does not see it as "high risk transactions", not to mention settling Channel Manager transactions where you are provided with a debit card number, is quite a challenge.

payments for online bookings
That is why in IdoBooking, our corporate customers based in the EU receive support in handling online payments, as part of the package. Without any additional contract, formalities, security tests etc. We provide you card payments from Polish banks at a very attractive price

Maximize Conversions

IdoBooking is a system that maximizes sales also by maximizing conversions. Therefore, we recommend choosing a payment system that, in addition to trust, security and low rate, increases conversion. Such a system is IdoPay, which is offered directly by IAI, the IdoSell and the IdoBooking systems operator. IdoPay is designed and available only for IdoSell and IdoBooking clients. Therefore, the process of signing up, operating and billing is aimed at maximizing conversion.

We maximize conversion thanks to:

  • Great UX of the payment process. While making the payment with cards, the client is not directed to other websites or domains. The customer only receives information required by law and regulations. Our payment form is exactly as it should be: modern, simple and useful, as well as multilingual and even adjusted to the color theme of your Booking Engine and website.
    • Truly international card payments. In international trade, payment and credit card transactions are dominant. That is why IdoPay could not lack card payments in its offer. Each seller operates on their own MID (merchant identifier), which has built-in multi-currency from the very beginning. You can accept payments without additional contracts and withdraw to accounts in other currencies, without having to convert money.
    • Highest security. IAI has been operating continuously for 20 years. We are a leader in providing e-commerce technologies for online stores and online booking systems in Poland, and we turn over billions Polish zlotys worth of orders in Poland and abroad. We are a Payment Institution under the scrutiny of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, and we have the highest card industry security level certificate, i.e. PCI DSS Level 1. This certificate, issued annually by an authorized auditor, confirms that the security measures we use are of a banking class, and we can store even raw payment card numbers. Thanks to this, we do not have to limit ourselves when creating our technological solutions. Additionally, IAI is a Registered Payment Facilitator in Visa and Mastercard card organizations. We are not only a reseller who leads to signing a contract with another company, that does not know you or does not understand the specifics of e-commerce.
    • Convenient way of concluding a contract and simple onboarding. IAI is the company with which you already cooperate in running the reservation system. We are responsible for your safety. So you don't have to prove to us that your website is safe and undergo additional verifications after exceeding 200 000 Polish złoty turnover on cards. You do not have to prove that you have special security measurements to be able to offer one-click payments, on-site payments or recurring payments (i.e. when someone pays the second part for a reservation). All you have to do to use IdoPay is make at least one payment from your company account to the IAI account, plus, fully electronically, provide the data required by law.

IdoBooking owns a certificate confirming the highest level of security, required e.g. by Visa and Mastercard to store payment card numbers.


Due to the fact that IdoPay is fully integrated with IdoBooking, all processes are as automated as possible. When, for example, your guest makes an advance payment with the card, the system, at the right moment, will simply try to withdraw the appropriate amount from the card itself, contacting the guest only if it is not possible. Similarly, the system itself will charge the rest of the amount upon arrival, so that the guest can use, for example, an electronic lock, receiving a code in advance to open the apartment door, limiting the need for face to face contact.

Processing payments from Channel Manager

Services like can let us, as a Channel Manager with PCI DSS Level 1 security level, charge both real and virtual payment cards. IdoPay is able to recognize the appropriate types of cards and automatically charge them or send a message to the guest, asking to enter the card number and confirm the reservation via a secure payment form. If we have doubts as to whether the person making the booking has actually provided their card, we ask them to only make 3DSecure confirmations through a form. The guest does not have to enter the card number, but only confirms the payment on their phone, so you can be sure that the card is not stolen, which could result in a complaint (chargeback).

IdoPay is constantly improving

We want IdoPay to fully support you and your clients in automating all activities so that reservations are done even faster and easier. That is why we are constantly developing mechanisms available in IdoPay. For example, we integrate it with returns so that return payments to the buyer's account or card are made with one click or automatically after the return or complaint has been accepted. This mechanism will be available in the next few months.
Also within a few months we will add super-convenient shopping on smartphones using Apple Pay and Google Pay. This user experience is closest to the idea of one-click mechanism, so we're going to implement them in IdoPay.

Immediate money transfer

Simplicity is implemented in every element. Therefore, all payments are immediately transferred to your bank account, by collective and automatic transfer, which may be done even every week.

Attractive prices for large and starting property managers

IdoPay is unique. We officially write what rates you get to start and that large sellers can negotiate prices. Having 2 billing models: standard and individual is not a taboo topic for us.

How to start accepting payments with IdoPay?

To use IdoPay, you need to:

Register your company in the EU
Fill out, if you haven't already done so while starting the store:
- IdoBooking service contract for operating an online reservations
- Additional simple AML and KYC survey
Make at least 1 bank transfer to the IAI bank account from the account to which you want to receive withdrawals. The account number can be found in CSC. If you have paid the invoice for the IdoBooking service from this account, then your account is probably already verified.
In order for us to start your card payments, prepare the panel for reservations. You must have terms and conditions. You can use default one, and uploaded items. If you are just starting to sell, card payments can be activated a few days later than submission.
In the Payment configuration (Administration / Payment configuration), turn on accepting online payments.
That's all. Payments should be made correctly and the money will be finally transferred to your bank account.