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Important, your reaction required: We have introduced a new Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Active Cookie Consent module in Polish and English. Check why you should and how to use them

In IdoBooking we want your reservation service to be always safe and legal, that's why we provide unprecedented on the market solutions without additional costs. Together with lawyers specializing in the travel industry we've prepared regulations, privacy policy and active consent for cookies in Polish and English that are as concise as possible and adjusted to your business. Interestingly, you do not even have to fill them in with your company data, they will be automatically filled in with your data.

Building terms and conditions content on your own is time-consuming, and if you purchase a service to build the terms and conditions content and update it to match the market needs, especially in terms of prohibited clauses, there will be additional, hidden costs for you.

Why is it worth for you to use the new module?

To develop regulations, we used our experience and internal legal resources of IdoBooking. The work was led by attorney Gabriella Halla-Popławska. Together we've worked out regulations that are as simple as possible, meet the legal requirements, and we've included complete privacy policy in Polish and English at no additional cost.

With IdoBooking you save time and money, we'll provide you with updates to the terms and conditions and consents so that your accommodation booking service is always legal and safe for your guests.

Additionally, based on the CJEU ruling of October 1, 2019, the consent to install cookies must be voluntary and cannot be default, so we have introduced a so-called active version to your website in addition to the current passive version of the message display.

How to start using the new features?

By going to Offer -> Regulations, Policies and Consents you will find:

If you haven't had your own terms of service so far then the current default content will be replaced with the new generated automatically content.

If you have your own terms and conditions or would like to modify our automatically generated content, choose to create own content, then load content from default template and customize it.

Moreover, thanks to Edition History you can preview, restore or compare previous document contents to each other.

If you go to Your Website -> Website configuration -> Consent to cookie you can change the current content of the consent and choose the active version that will be displayed on your website:

Active consent differs from passive consent primarily in that active consent requires the website user to give consent. Failure to provide consent results in the user not being able to make any interaction with the website. When the user clicks on non-consent, it takes the user back to the previously visited page.

Learn more about our terms and conditions, privacy policy and marketing consent

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