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Add multiple accommodations and locations simultaneously. Easily import data from a CSV file into IdoBooking

We have introduced a new, convenient way to add accommodations in the IdoBooking panel via CSV file. Download a template in CSV format, complete it in a spreadsheet and send the completed file to IdoBooking. New accommodations and their locations will be created based on it. Then, you'll be able to add photos and missing information directly in IdoBooking. The importer will allow you to prepare a new offer for your guests even faster.

Accommodations importer based on CSV file

How to use the importer? Go to Offer / Accommodations where you will find a new option Import places to stay (CSV). Selecting this option will take you to the Importer of accommodations.

Download template in CSV format, which you will edit in any spreadsheet, then Upload the completed UTF-8 CSV file:


In the next step, you will receive information about the read accommodations and locations that are ready to be imported:


After importing the data, you will receive a summary with the possibility to proceed to the editing of new accommodations and locations:


The importer will allow you to add multiple accommodation and locations at the same time. Use its possibilities. All you have to do is to prepare the basic information about your accommodations in advance and add them collectively to the IdoBooking panel.

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