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Suite of improvements to the owner's panel module

The owner's panel is a functionality that allows flat managers serving property owners to work conveniently. It is popular with our customers because of its instant generation of booking summaries and billing. In addition, owners can view the calendar and control availability in their flat. We have made several improvements to the module.

Suite of improvements to the owner's panel module

Owners' billing report

Until now, the report prepared was based on convenient tables with billing for bookings. To make it transparent, it lacked several visual elements to help both flat owners and managers arrange all the information correctly.

Currently, the logo and business details of the manager are presented at the top of the document, as well as, if completed in the user settings, the company name and VAT number of the flat owner. The report has also been supplemented with the date range on the basis of which it was generated. And at the bottom of the page, we have introduced the signature of the employee who prepared the report. Thanks to these changes, the report will look professional and, in addition, owners will immediately know who to contact if they have questions or concerns.


Role in the panel

Because one person may own flats in different locations, we have added an option to generate booking settlement reports by location. Thanks to this, a single report can be generated for a particular owner, containing all properties at once or separately, e.g. with rooms in Karpacz and flats in Krakow. Thanks to this flexibility, it will be easier to adapt to the working mode of both owners and managers. In addition, in order not to waste time downloading or translating where the report is, the manager can send it in e-mail to the owner directly from the system. This will streamline the workflow and also respond to the existing habits of flat owners.

generate using localizations

send report

Configuring the panel view for the owner

Managers allowing access to the panel of the IdoBooking booking system want to be able to decide what owners will see and can use. Therefore, we have introduced delineations in the settings for a particular user. The manager will decide whether to allow the flat owner to add bookings and whether the owner will be able to see the booking report.

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