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IdoBooking is a fast growing and constantly developing service. We want you to know all about our new functions and be able to implement them as soon as possible. Thanks to it your business expands with us. Read our blog and be always up to date.

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ChatGPT and other AI tools, and online booking support - how to use them legally? [IdoBooking webinar video]

Artificial intelligence-based tools are changing our business reality on a daily basis. However, what does it look like from the legal side? Can accommodation descriptions, rooms and content be generated for social media using ChataGPT? Can an employee enter a list of customers into ChataGPT to receive a personalised marketing plan? Can AI support us with Customer Journey building or direct customer service?

Use of manipulative dark pattern techniques monitored by European Commission. How to build a website to increase booking sales legally?

The European Commission, together with the UOKiK (and other national authorities from the EU), has scrutinised online shops and booking sites for using messages and graphics in their interface that are designed to induce consumers to make a particular decision that is not necessarily in their best interests. Dark patterns can contribute to increased sales, but also loss of customer trust and penalties. How do you find the golden mean between an effective site that increases bookings and the guest's well-being?

How to account for short-term rental income in 2023?

The start of the year brings with it important changes concerning renting. Firstly, private renters will only be able to account for one form of taxation, which is a flat rate. Secondly, a total ban on depreciation of premises and residential buildings applies to all.

Summary of 2022 in the travel industry according to IdoBooking

The first post-pandemic year in which the accommodation industry was unaffected by the COVID-19 outbreak is behind us, but it was not an easy time - new problems were on the horizon: the war in Ukraine, rising prices for products and services and the energy crisis. On the other hand, tourists, after two years of isolation, dreamed of nothing but a successful holiday. Despite the difficulties, can we declare the past year a revival of the tourism industry? IdoBooking's figures show that yes.

Last minute winter holidays - ideas for getting bookings

As early as mid-January, pupils in the first provinces will go on winter holidays. The winter holidays will last practically until the end of February. If you still have rooms available on these dates, use our tips to get a booking.

Targeting promotional offers as an effective tactic to gain bookings

As the largest booking site, handles thousands of bookings from all over the world on a daily basis. With such a huge database, as well as numerous analyses and tests, it develops promotions that really work. However, in order to use them successfully and to control revenue, it is worth connecting all sales channels to one system. This is where Channel Manager, a tool from the IdoBooking booking system, comes in with a solution.

RODO for the accommodation industry - how to protect online and offline data? [IdoBooking webinar video]

Are you sure you are storing and securing your visitors' data correctly? Do you know how to structure marketing consents, terms and conditions and privacy policies to comply with the law? Are you aware of the consequences that can be faced by accommodation establishments that do not comply with the principles outlined in the RODO? If you do not feel 100 per cent confident in these topics, watch the recording of our webinar, in which expert Rafal Malujda dispelled all your doubts in simple terms.

How to be a good Airbnb host?

IdoBooking has received an extension of its Airbnb Preferred Partner status, keeping it among the top Channel Managers in the world. Analysing customer performance, we noticed that the rating achieved by our hosts is below average. Hence, we have prepared a guide with tips to improve your score.

Online payment methods offered - do they affect the number of bookings?

When putting together an offer for your business and using a modern system, you can offer guests different payment methods for their booking. Which ones to choose and does this have any real impact on the number of bookings? These are questions that plague anyone starting their own tourism business.

Negative guest reviews - how to turn a problem into a success?

Giving opinions after using a product or service is now a natural phenomenon. Increasingly, the opinion of other customers is guiding us when shopping or choosing a place to relax. Collecting reviews is no longer done by the owners themselves, but by dedicated services. Collecting positive opinions can increase the number of reservations in your facility, but what if there are also dissatisfied guests among the opinions?

Is it worth it to use individual offers for guests?

Technology is evolving into every corner of our lives. On a daily basis, we use the benefits of modern tools to get what we want faster. The Internet provides us with all the necessary information, we instantly evaluate, compare prices and make purchases without any contact with the seller. Is it the same when it comes to booking accommodation?

Great success of IdoBooking. We became the preferred partner of Airbnb!

We are proud to announce the great success of IdoBooking. We received the status of an Airbnb Preferred Partner, and thus made it to the list of Top 25 software in the world that provides property management services. IdoBooking is the only company in Poland that is distinguished among the best systems in the world.

How did we travel in 2021? Check out the recap from IdoBooking

In 2021 the pandemic has unfortunately still not left us, but in tourism this year can be described as a tourism thaw. Not only did hosts have to adjust to the new normal, but they also had to make up for the losses of 2020. How does 2021 look in numbers? How has the short-term rental market changed? You will find out in the article below.

How do I improve my listing? Check out tips from Airbnb and attract new guests

The winter holiday season is underway and you don't have a full calendar? Find out how you can improve your situation and what you should keep in mind when creating and publishing your offers. Good photos or developing your offer with additional amenities can be crucial. We recommend tips from IdoBooking partner Airbnb.

Travel trends in 2022. How will we travel? Check what will change

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected and continues to affect the travel industry. Constantly changing restrictions, new sanitation rules, changing travel destinations - these are just some of the situations that have arisen over the years. What will travel look like in 2022? Check out the breakdown of the eight most important travel trends in 2022.